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Carl's Jr has landed at F.E!

Yep! Carl's Jr. finally opened their doors at Far East Plaza. We had MacDonalds years ago and most recently, Burger King was there. The Far East kids back in the day will fondly remember sitting at the stone tables outside Macs. Doing sweet fuck' all every fuckin day.

I'll tell you this...Carl's Jr. is the bomb! It beats every other fast-food joint in Singapore. No offense to anyone but turkey bacon is bullshit. Bacon is supposed to be pork. Nothing else will ever come close to that. I pray to god that Carl's Jr. doesn't become a halal joint. Once again, no offense to anyone. It's hard to find good burgers in Singapore!

I love burgers and I love pork damn it!! Somehow, pork and burgers are a match made in heaven. Throw beef into that burger and we'll get a threesome. Add cheese, lettuce, onions, mustard and pickles, you'll get an orgy that explodes in your mouth! Hmm...aren't orgies like that? Nobody has a weak orgasm when they're in an orgy. Everyone simply explodes. Not like I would know...Heh!

Well, my wife and I were at Far East Plaza on Thursday afternoon and we popped by Carl's for lunch. It was the best damn lunch I've had in a long time!

Below are pictures of our lunch...

Chili fries...

Mexcican bell peppers are hot but all so yummy!!

My triple beef patty Chili Burger. The chili tasted like an A&W Coney Dog. Ahhh...the memories...

The burger is almost the size of Ann's head!

Look at her go at it!

A satisfied customer!


  1. Carl's. Maybe I should have that tomorrow. Burgers are suppose to be thick,fat and juicy(dun let your mind wander into the gutter).not the healthy crap they dish out at Mac's and BK's.

    btw...we still *cough* on for jogging tomorrow? *wheeze*

  2.'ve got that right brother leon! i hate healthy food. if i really want healthy food, i'd go vegetarian!

    lets do the jog on a weekday. maybe twice a week. i propose tuesdays and thursdays. what say you?


    but no, weight issues. haha. i hate you noel.

  4. heh! you gotta have it! it's not a matter of choice!!! it's so damn good!!!!!!!!!!


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