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The wifey is back!

I've got excellent news! Ann has been discharged from the hospital. She's back home and is in a helluva good mood. Who wouldn't after leaving a stinking hospital?!

Even better news is that the baby is fine. We've got to make another trip to the hospital next week just to make sure everything is going according to plan. Not to sound religious, but I sincerely believe that the plan has been drafted by god. Yea, the big man above. He has been rather kind to me/us lately. For once in my life, I actually believe he does exist. Please don't read too much into this. I'm just speaking my mind...

After posting a video of Ann and the essence of chicken drama on our baby's blog, I feel obligated to post a video of myself that was taken on my wedding night. It is a highly embarrassing video. Why is it that every time I'm drunk, someone has to video me?? This video is seven bloody minutes long! So...I'm thinking real hard if I should post the video for the world to see. If Ann and Leonard have their way, the video will be up soon. Hmm...

Someone recently asked why this blog isn't just about tattoos. I can't remember my answer but here's an answer from a sober Noel Boyd. There's more to life than just tattoos. Sure I love tattoos. But there's so much more to me. This blog is a reflection of myself. With my recent blog statistics (visitor traffic for November, December and January 08), I'm trying my best to deliver posts that will suit the masses. It really seems to be working. Woohooo!!

I've got to write some stuff for this online gaming company. Take good care and enjoy your Monday! Later people!!


  1. oh my. i'm glad she's home and safe. please give her a hug from me. and and rub on the tummy. i don't really pray very much, but i'm praying for ya'll.

  2. glad to hear that the wife and baby is alright dude. and hope the wedding was a blast, guessing frm the soon-to-be uploaded clip, it really was one helluva after-party.

    hope everything stays fine in the Boyd household!

  3. to shyanne: I will...a nice big hug. i love rubbing her tummy. it's so nice and round. thanks babe. prayers are good. when there is a prayer, there is hope. that's what I always believe...

    to jona-tat.2: thanks buddy! the wedding was a blast. too many of them got drunk and didn't make it to work. heh heh heh...


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