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Jan 30, 2008

Where's all the luncheon meat??!

Why is so damn hard to find a decent can of luncheon meat these days? The convenient store near my home used to carry a whole range of them. Majority of the brands are from China. Yesterday, they only had one lousy brand on the shelf! Guess what? It's from China too.

I love luncheon meat! I can eat a whole lot of rice with half a can of fried luncheon meat. Yummy!!

Well, I’m gonna give this brand a try. It better be good!!


  1. I miss my luncheon meat too!!

    See my post I wrote back in December:


  2. this brand sucks!!
    there was a key like thingy that was tapped under the can. i tried using it to open the can. it broke!!

    i had to use a pair or pliers and scissors to rip open the can.

    yea neighbour!! that's the brand I've been searching for. Maling still rocks!!

    i think i'm gonna have bak kut teh for lunch!!


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