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Using a car might have been better...


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - A bank robbery suspect was arrested while waiting at a bus stop to make her getaway, police said. Channel Monae Gaskin, 22, was arrested Wednesday after a police officer saw her waiting for a bus and matched her to the description of the robbery suspect. She has been charged with robbery.

"That just wasn't too bright," Sandy Springs police Lt. Steve Rose said of the escape plan.

A woman went into a bank shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday and demanded money, police said. She did not show a weapon.

After being given a bag of cash, she ran across a parking lot to a restaurant, where a dye bomb exploded and sprayed orange-colored ink on her and the money, police said.

She left the restaurant and then tried to stash the dye-stained clothes and money in a bathroom at a nearby grocery store, Rose said.

The woman apparently changed clothes and went to a bus stop behind the grocery store, Rose said.

But what made Gaskin think she could escape on public transportation? Police say she told them she had done it before.

Gaskin admitted that on Jan. 15, she robbed a bank in DeKalb County and then got on a bus, police said.

The woman was taken Wednesday to the Fulton County Jail and likely will be turned over to DeKalb County authorities and charged with the Jan. 15 robbery, police said.

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