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The Start of 2008

I brought in 2008 with three cans of Guinness Stout at home. You know what? I can’t drink Stout for nuts! I never could have and I’ll probably never attempt to drink Stout again. All it took was three cans to get me high! I’ll settle for beer anytime!

I sure hope you started the first day of year on the correct foot. We’ve got 365 days of the year left. With 2008 being a leap year, we have 366 days instead. So, you’ve got tomorrow if you started your day on the wrong foot. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Doo dee doo…

My New Years resolution is to lose weight. If I don’t, I’ve got to run around my camp in a tiny red thong at my next in-camp training. I ain’t gonna let that happen. Looks like Vijay will have to run all by his lonesome self!

I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet. I need to get some stuff done and I might post again later in the evening. Ya’ll take good care and be good! Ciaoz!!

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  1. Eh, I took part in the Standard Chartered Marathon for work last month. I did the 10km (Okay, I ran 2km, then walked 6km and ran the last 2km). It was great.

    Thinking of joining the half-marathon this year. I know it's damn weird coming from me!

  2. omg!! you actually ran!!!
    i'm so proud of you! but you know what? i can't visualize you running. hehe...


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