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The Ring

I've been super busy the past week. I'm currently involved in two projects. Both projects take up an average of 20 hours a day. That leaves me with four hours of sleep. It's a bitch but I'm getting used to it.

In between this mad week, Ann and I found time to get inked together. It's something we spoke about weeks ago and we finally did it. Guess what? It hurt like a bitch! I read somewhere that tattoos on the fingers hurt real bad. They were right!! The webbing part of your finger hurts the most. Imagine getting a paper cut continuously for 45 minutes. Oh's all for love.

You know, Ann and I dreaded the time when we had to explain to people why they aren't invited to the ROM. We don't have to but I will. I'm gonna try to explain this as best that I can. On my side, I am inviting the closest friends that I have. These guys know me inside and out. They know my darkest secrets and my biggest fears. In short, we've got history together. I've known some of these guys since I was a kid. That's how deep it is.

As for Ann, she's inviting the people that are close to her as well. Most of these people are ex-colleagues. They have been in contact with her since she left the bar and these are her true friends if you ask me. Siti, Nora and Ruby have been nothing but the best to her and girls, I thank you.

If we really wanted, we could have a big lavish wedding. A wedding where we'll invite everyone that we know. But what's the fucking point? It's all for show. It's a waste of money too. So yeah, we've opted to have a small intimate gathering instead. I bet it'll be far more enjoyable and memorable.

Alright, that's about it for this post. Tattooed N' Hot will be up later today. Later people!


  1. N-
    I moved your link to the "Friends with Ink" column on the sidebar of my blog. You're front page news! :)


  2. Hey man! great idea abt the rings! aww man, that's what i wanted to do when i tie the knot as well! looks great!!

    and i totally agree with you outlook on an intimate wedding. that's the way it should be, sharing the joyous event with those that you truly care for, and those you truly want to be there.

    there's really no need to invite your uncle's son's friend's brother and what's not. =)

  3. Hi Victoria, thank you for the link on the first page. BIG HUG!!

  4. Wassup Jon!! You gotta get the rings done. It's gonna hurt but it'll be worth all the pain.

    You know bro, I've done a good number of weddings. And each time, the bride and groom were stressed out before, during and after the wedding. I seriously don't see the point in that.

    End of the day, it all boils down to what the couple wants. A good and memorable time or a big boring dinner...


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