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On My Mind

There’s a whole lot on my mind. None of it is negative though. Everything is so damn positive at the moment. From the ROM to buffet, everything looks good.

The looks of it, the buffet will probably turn out to a liquid buffet. My friends drink a whole lot of beer. Seriously, I have not met another group of boys/men that can consume so much beer in one drinking session. The Punggol boys, Tattoo Boys and the Nightlife boys will unite on the 22nd for one big beer drinking carnival! May god have mercy on all our livers!

As the 22nd approaches, more and more text messages are being sent to yours truly. These text messages act like a countdown clock. Here’s a text message I received this morning. “Kotek! 4 days more to go…How’s the feeling brudder?!” Some of these brudders have offered to have one last SINGLE drink before the big day. I did the smart thing by rejecting the kind offer. We all know what would happen if I accepted the last drink offer. I’d wake up with the worse possible hangover and not turn up for my own wedding!!

Then there are the messages I’ve been receiving on Facebook. I updated my status a few days ago. My profile now says, “Noel Boyd is getting married”. Just by doing that, I got messages too. Most of them are from girls. I told Ann about them and we had a good laugh. These girls wanted to know why I’m getting married. Doo dee doo...

I know it’s a shock to many. Many can’t imagine Noel Boyd getting married. Because the Noel Boyd they know is a beer guzzling moron that has been known to party way too hard on some days. What can I say? I LOVE BEER!!! At the same time, I love Ant. The both of them must now find a way to coexist. But seriously, Ant has no issues with me drinking. I think she sees the clown in me every time I come home wasted.

So yeah, the countdown to the BIG day has begun. Or rather, it began two weeks ago. It’s 4 fucking days to the 22nd. Sure I’m nervous. Which bloody idiot wouldn’t be??! Maybe if I had a shot of Barcardi 151 on Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be at ease. Heh!

We’ve got to head to Spotlight to buy some stuff. Enjoy your Saturday while it lasts! Adios!!


  1. Congrats!!!

    Sorry about that time... I'll drop you a SMS this week tio arrange for a meetup!

    Are you guys going anywhere for a honeymoon?

  2. Thank you sir!
    No worries. Anything for my lover!!
    Hmm...Anyway we'll see you on the day right? Cheebye...message never reply. Hmph!

  3. last day of singlehood dude, enjoy it to its fullest eh?


    all the best for the big day tom! i'm sure it'll all go according to plan.

    p/s: Barcadi 151, killer drink man! you don't need a reason to have it. ha!

  4. heh! thanks buddy. 12 hours to go till I say bye bye to bachelorhood!

    i can't freaking sleep man...grrr...

    i've had a shot of bacardi 151 twice. and both times, I almost died of a massive hangover. it's a very very bad drink!!


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