Well, it's not really new. I got the octopus along with the hammerhead done in Bali years ago. Finally, we've added color and I must say that it now looks alive. This tattoo ROCKS!

Back in 2005!


  1. the ink's look great dude! the colour does make the tatt stand out so much more.

    good stuff!

    Hope all's well in the Boyd household! have a great wkend ahead!

  2. Sick tatt!! It looks and stands out boldly. Really beautiful.

    Next week is your big day!!!

  3. to jona-tat.2: thanks buddy!! overnight, it's become one of my best tattoos.

    to cheryldee: thanks sweetz! i'm all nervous and shit!

    to shyanne: it's actually orange. darker shade of orange I guess. but yeah, it's wicked! =)


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