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I'm getting married in 12 hours!!!

I'm taking a break from blogging today. I ain't even gonna touch my computer after I'm done with this post. After a good couple of beers with Leonard, I should be able to sleep. Maybe I need a can of stout. Hmm....

Well, today is the BIG day....

The Tattooed Blogger weds the Bitch on Heels!


  1. I believe weddings are one of the only few occasions where we could just smile, laugh, giggle and cry all at the same time.

    Congrats and hope hope you all have loads of joy and happiness~

  2. Hi my Friend, Can y fix this erro at url:


  3. Congrats Noel on being a hubby and soon to be daddy! ;)

  4. to aaron: thanks aaron! thanks for dropping by and thanks for the equally sweet message!

    to paddy tan - thanks paddy! rocks!!

    to slutty: wassup babe!! thanks for the well wishes. see you on your blog real soon!!


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