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TV, Taboo & Tattoos

I'm really excited about the Rate This Ink post tomorrow. I've been trying my best to showcase the best and most unique tattoos around. You know what? I found a really cool tattoo. In fact, it blew me away! This tattoo won an award at a competition not too long ago. With this said, look out for it tomorrow!!

If there is one TV personality that never fails to make me laugh, it's Ian Wright. Ian is one the hosts of Discovery Travel & Living Globe Trekker. Ian is a natural in front of the camera. He is hilarious, witty and at most times, plain silly. He never fails to make a country look good. Outstandingly good I might add. He has traveled all over the world and he brings out the best each country has to offer.

Here are some interesting facts about Ian Wright!
  • Born in Sukkolf, England, Ian is 42 years old.
  • Globe Trekker was formely known as Lonely Planet. This is his 7th year hosting Globe Trekker and he has hosted over 50 episodes.
  • He hosted a short-lived program 'Ian Wright Live', a show filmed before a live audience and featured discussions on various travel topics.
  • Ian also stars in Discovery Travel & Living show VIP Weekends with Ian Wright.
  • Before appearing on television, Wright ran a community centre with his wife. Wright spent three months in Guyana as part of a Prince's Trust initiative called Operation Raleigh. He also had extensive travel experience in Egypt, India, and Romania.
  • Ian Wright is also an accomplished painter.
  • Ian is a vegetarian, though he will occasionally break this for his travel documentaries.
I bet you didn't know any of that! Neither did I. Thank god for Wikipedia!!

If I had to leave Singapore right this instant for some dumb insane reason, and had to choose a country to go to, I would choose India. I fell in love with India months ago. There's just something special about India. Maybe it's the culture. Or the mouth watering food that is always rich in spices. It could also be their fascination with tattoos. Though 98% of the population consider tattoos taboo, it's their fascination with tattoos that makes a dude like me feel like a celebrity.

Talking about tattoos, there's a new poll in the right sidebar. If you're a fan of Miami Ink or if you're familiar with these artists from South Beach, vote for your favourite artist now! Chris Garver leads the polls as I write this post...

Alright folks, enjoy your Tuesday and don't work too hard. Cheers!


  1. i would kill for samantha brown's job!!

    and he's vegetarian?! so ironic. after the amount of nonsense he's eaten on the show!

  2. haha...he's eaten a whole lot of crap for television! well, his bio says that he does break away from being a vegetarian for the show.

    i can never be a vegetarian. i love meat too much!!


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