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Off to the Zoo!

In an hour or so, I'm off to the zoo with Vik. Boy am I excited!! It's the annual keepers night today and we've been invited. It's gonna be cool meeting up with old colleagues and hitting back a good number of beers.

I ain't bringing my camera but I'll try to take some pictures on my mobile. I'll post again tomorrow. Ciaoz!


  1. wah... so fun... go to zooo..... I love that place. I went there with my family when I was a kid. I went there with my guy. I went there again by myself... well I keep popping by to see them la... cause I just love them. oh.. I dont know what URL means but I have the address of the blog on my facebook...under information. I am slow with tech stuff la.... my blog not as fun as yours... I merely write to get it off my system la.... heee mostly about how I feel about things around me. you know why china won??? because china market booming so its better to make a wise choice and pick the right girl or else the judges will definitely get shit.... as for the viewers... we are not cock eyed... heee

  2. Tell Vik NOT to get too close to the baboons this time! heheheh

  3. to nekobus: outta get the friends of the zoo membership. it gives you an extra reason to pop by the zoo!

    to missbitchalot: hahahaha...we stayed away from the primates. can't say the same about the alcohol though...


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