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My TOP 10 Phobias!

Here are my Top 10 phobias. Call me a wuss if you want, I don't give a damn! At least I'm honest right?!

10) Heights "Acrophobia"
I reckon this is one of the most common phobias around. Looking down from buildings makes me go weak in the knees!!

9) Clowns "Coulrophobia"
I don't know what's up with me and clowns. I hate them! Maybe it's because of the movie 'IT'. They freak me out all the time. I punched a clown years ago when he crept up behind me at the old NTUC Happy Days club. With that said, I've never hired a clown for any of my events.

8) Balding "Phalacrophobia"
I'm a vain pot! I used to worry so much about going bald. I even went to the extend of going to a hair treatment centre. I paid hundreds and not a strand grew back! Bloody idiots!!! They cheated my money! Today, I'm botak and happy as you can see from the picture above.

7) Waves & Waves like motion "Cymophobia"
I can't swim!!! Funny enough, I got in the water the last 2 times I was drunk in Bali. The first time I decided to surf. The second time I did laps in the pool. Both times I swallowed a shit load of water and puked myself to sleep. Damn!

6) Ants "Myrmecophobia"
Small black ants are alright. I'm afraid of big red ants (I think they're called Fire Ants). These bastards give a nasty bite! Just thinking about it gives me the tingles! Yikes!!!

5) Balloons "Globophobia"
Yes. Make fun all you want! I can't stand balloons. I ain't saying nothing else!

4) Needles & Injections "Aichmophobia"
Ironic ain't it??! I dread going to the doctors knowing there's the slightest chance I'll get a jab. This year alone saw me getting a good number of jabs at Raffles Hospital. Each time, I gave the doctor and nurses a piece of my mind! Grrr...

3) Spiders "Arachnophobia"
My girlfriend Ant loves spiders. I on the other hand can't stand the sight of them. Anything that has more than four legs needs to stay the hell away from me!

2) Insects "Insectophobia"
A good example are cockroaches. Especially the bastards that can fly. I would jump off a building if one was flying towards me. I ain't kidding!

And my No.1 Phobia is.....

1) Bees "Apiphobia"
I got stung 20 odd times when I was a kid. Since then, bees have become my biggest fear. I literally run every time I see one. Not long ago, Ant and I were in my room and we had the window open. I was laughing and joking till a big ass bee flew into the room. I flung my wireless keyboard across the room, flew down the stairs and was down in the hall in less than 5 seconds. Then I remembered something! I left my poor girlfriend all alone in the room with the bee. Guess what? I left her there!


  1. stung 20 times?! dude. my entire 21 yrs of life i never got stung once even!

    i have about the same phobias. spiders, insects, needles, heights.

    the funny thing is, i dreamt of flying once, like peter pan. it didn't take away my phobia, but it did make me a bit more daring to bungee and skydive. i haven't done either yet but i am looking forward to it.

    problem with me is i have a very vivid imagination, so i often hallucinate funny things in my head, making me a very fearful person. like the escalators at the suntec convention centre falling apart and us dropping to our deaths. or like snakes flooding my room. hahahaha... weird right what goes through my head!

    i hate snakes btw. one of my biggest phobias. i think i cried once when i was a kid and the python in the glass exhibit at the zoo was staring at me.

  2. man, you really hit the nail on its head with the freaky clowns. "IT" literally destroyed whatever laughter clowns brought me during my childhood. just got the dvdrip to try and overcome my "fears" by watching it.

    it's been 2 wks, and i have yet to make any move to actually watch it.

    nightmares. arghz!!!!

  3. to shyanne: yeah! it happened at cck cemetery. my mom got stung too.

    the escalator bit is hilarious! if that ever happens, i'll take back the hilarious comment. heh!

    my imagination goes wild all the time. i can sit in a corner and imagine crap all day. hmm...i love snakes though. beautiful creatures!

    to jona-tat.2: haha...i'm never EVER gonna watch IT again! good luck with the movie and do let us know how it went. i'll even lend you my popcorn maker. hee...

  4. I've never seen IT and I'm STILL afraid of clowns..and balloons too. Those things are evil!!!

    Shyanne: I thot I was the only one. I imagine those suntec escalators falling apart all the time..and when I see people leaning against the rails or glass panels at shopping malls, I imagine them giving way and those people plunging to their deaths. *shrugs*

    But yes, clowns, balloons, and lizards are bad. Very bad.

  5. I totally agree!! Clowns and balloons go together. Every time I see a damn clown, the idiot has balloons in his hand!

  6. my biggest phobia is walking over anything that 'pretends' to be ground. i can't walk over the metal-grilled drains you see on pavements. i can't walk over those thin metal sheets they use on make-shift overhead bridges that are under construction as well. they have one at bugis junction! on the 4th floor i think, the one that leads to this place called edge or something. needless to say, i hardly go to that part of bugis junction.

    i can't walk over glass as well. peninsula has this stupid glass piece on the floor just at the entrance, and i'll never walk into penin from that way.

    it's all about the fear of fallin through. and the queasy feeling in the tummy!

    oh, and i hate ballons! i didn't use to have a phobia until one popped in my face really badly and gave me the shittiest shock ever. now i just cringe in fear, freeze on the spot and shriek my panties off when i see a ballon.
    one reason why i steer clear of shopping centres during festive seasons or if they have any of those stupid roadshows that are not smart enuff to give away anything else but those damned ballons.

    one time in HRC, my stupid fren grabbed a balloon and shoved it to my face. i spilled my drink, fell off the stool, and one of my shoe flew to the dancefloor. not to mention i shrieked loud enuff over the music to make everybody turn and witness the embarrassment.


    i don't know why people are so scared of spiders. they're so beautiful and sexy!


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