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Looking back at 2007...

Boy did 2007 fly by! I’m sitting here like an idiot trying to remember what the hell happened in 2007. Way too much if you ask me. All in all, it's been an alright year.

Let’s look back at my life in 2007…

I’m gonna be a daddy!! 2007 has given me a baby boy. Ant’s due date is in April. It’s the first time I’m mentioning this in my blog. You know, I like my privacy to a certain degree. And certain things need not be told unless both parties are comfortable. Agreed?

I know for a fact that I have not been the best son, a good friend or the finest colleague to work with. But I’m bloody sure that I’m gonna be a good father. I’m gonna give this baby everything I have and possibly can. If it means having two jobs to support Ant and little baby, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

With that said, the ROM is on the 22nd of January. It’s a big step for my princess and I. This man-whore is officially retiring!

2007 also saw me leave the nightlife industry. It is possibly the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I lost really close friends when I joined the nightlife industry. And when I left, time healed the wounds and we’re closer than ever now. I’ve never stopped thanking the lord for that.

If I stepped on your shoes while we were working together, I apologize. It’s just how I work. A big part of me wishes that I didn’t take the first step to work together. To Marie Hogan, Shaun Das and Marco de Miranda, I hope that time will heal the wounds and we’ll be friends again someday. Just like how it was back in 2004…

Blogging has played a big part of my life this year. Never have I paid so much attention to this blog. The stats have been wicked! 30,000 people have visited this blog this year. It’s not 30,000 page refreshes but 30,000 unique counts. Meaning, 30,000 computers worldwide have visited and read my daily posts.

The stats say a lot considering I only started blogging daily in August. I can’t wait for 2008!!!

These are some posts of mine that have made it to the top of

My thanks to the following readers… Shyanne, J.T, Missbitchalot, Nekobus, Lounge Lizard, Wildchild, Chua and Jona-Tat.2. Not forgetting Dr/Mr./Miss/Mrs. Anonymous. The anonymous comments have been entertaining this year. Thank you for playing a role in this blog and keep those comments coming in!

Whenever you are, all the best for 2008 and may all your wishes and dreams come through. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. i dunno you. but congrats anyway! stay happy bro!!

  2. I know I keep saying this... but let's meet up and have a dinner these days. When will you be free next week?

    Btw, the Chinese always say that pregnant ladies brings luck. Can I touch Ant's tummy before I buy the CNY Toto? I'll furnish the kid's bedroom if I strike the $6 million Toto!!!

  3. to anonymous: thanks dude!!

    to lounge lizard: sure bro...we'll do dinner next week.

    and yeah, you can touch her tummy. if my son kicks back, it means he doesn't like your filthy hands! hahaha...

    you'll only furnish the kids bedroom if you win $6 million??!! nabei! you stingy little fuck! Ann and I want half!

  4. awww. anytime, bro, anytime.

    i'm absolutely thrilled about the baby and about the wedding. i wish you both the best.

  5. hey man! congrats on the impending addition to the Boyd's household! and also to your up-coming ROM as well!

    Great start to your 2008 eh? takecare and best wishes to you and your wife-to-be. =)

  6. to shyanne: thanks luv!

    to jona-tat2: thanks dude! it's an awesome start to something good. thanks for the well wishes. Ann says hi and she sends her love and best greetings for 2008.

  7. Congrats on your upcoming addition of a baby boy to the Boyd household! Like Shyanne, I am thrilled about it!! I bet ur little boy is gonna be gorgeous as hell. Am just so happy for the both of u. =]
    April is 3 months from now. Cant wait to see pics of ur kiddo! Again congrats to both u and Ant!!

  8. hey cheryl darlin!! thank you thank you! the support and love means so much. i'm gonna set-up a baby blog. so everyone can keep track of little baby boyd. =)

  9. yes, cher, thanks for the well wishes!

    i have a feeling Baby Boyd is gonna be a nocturnal baby, because he's been keeping me up most nights with his kicking and moving around. i think he's having a party in my belly!


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