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The NMG - 3 Wheel Car

Ladies and gentlemen, after searching online for a car that I didn't know anything about to begin with, I present to you the NMG by Myers Motors!!!
The NMG was formerly called Sparrow and was manufactured by Corbin Motors from 2000 to 2002. Myer Motors bought over the company in 2004 and continued production of this unique and cool car. The NMG is an electric car and travels an estimated 48km with a fully charged battery pack. You can practically charge your car anywhere!

Here's the awesome part. The NMG retails at US$25,000 (SGD$35,900) in the United States. That's pretty darn cheap!

Oh yeah...the NMG comes in a host of colours too...

To find out more about the NMG, visit

Here are a few more electric cars in the market....

The Ecooter has been spotted on Singapore roads too!


  1. I like the car for sure....wondering where to buy now.... my parents will kill me for sure... haaaaa. because only 1 seater....

  2. to shyanne: thanks shyanne! i didn't touch a drop of alcohol. heh!

    to nekobus: haha...i'm sure your folks won't mind. just tell its cheap and they'll understand...


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