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New Tattoo Alert!

For 3 hours yesterday, Vik from EZ Tattoo worked on the free space on my right leg. We did some Tahiti artwork and a Maori hook. Here's a video and pictures of the tattoo.

The tattoo on my foot (picture above) comprises of a Tahiti design and a Maori Hook. I've got one word to describe this tattoo. OUCH!


  1. two words for you Noel:


    i have always loved, and will always love traditional pieces, seeing that i have a Maori piece and a Polynesian piece myself as well.

    nice one to go along with the others Noel!

    I Love Ink!

  2. Thanks dude! Traditional pieces are indeed special. I love Polynesian tattoos. I need to research a few more designs for the rest of the leg. Tattoos ROCK!


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