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As you can see, I’ve got 3 different forms on advertisements on my blog. I have Adverlets which has announced a huge Singaporean media buy (a little more on this later), Google Adsense and my Tribal Widget by WidgetBucks.

My stand is this…If I’m gonna blog everyday for the world to read, I should be getting something in return. Duncha think? Sure I love blogging. Besides porn, I think it’s the best thing on the net. But like I said, I should be getting something in return when I blog. Nothing is for free in this world. Agreed?

There are tons of advertising companies online that bloggers can turn to if they’re keen on earning some easy cash. Placing ads on your blog isn’t gonna make you rich. That’s unless you have 10,000 or more hits a day. The small amount you’re gonna earn should be sufficient to pay for your internet bill. In Singapore, we call this our kopi money.

As I mentioned earlier, Adverlets informed their subscribers earlier this week of a huge Singaporean media buy. This advertiser which they are keeping secret for now will have an ad campaign that starts on the 27th of November. The campaign is set to last for a week and will be served on all blogs that carry and support Adverlets. If you don’t already have Adverlets on your blog, it isn’t too late to register and start earning!

Besides the advertisements you see on my blog, there are also paid posts which you’ll see from time to time. These posts are paid by the client and do contain my 2 cents worth about their product. Most of these posts are for products and services outside Singapore. All posts you see on this blog contain my honest opinion. This is something I guranteed a long time ago when I started blogging. I’m picky with the paid posts I undertake and I reject a good 98% of them. There's simply no point promoting something I don’t believe in.

There are certain things which I wouldn’t do for the sake of money. I’ll never accept any deal that requires me to promote a food outlet. I’m a complete bitch when it comes to food. If the food is good, I’ll say its good. If it’s lousy, I'll be sure to let everyone know. I’ve gone up to a few people and given them my thoughts about their cooking. Needless to say, they took it the wrong way. I’m as honest as you can get when it comes to food. Unless these people want an honest opinion, they’re better off somewhere else…

I know of some folks that are dead set against blogs that contain advertisements. Each has their own opinion and I respect that. While I’m not gonna bother about what these people say, I’m gonna try to keep these ads subtle. As subtle as money is gonna allow it to be. Heh!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Maybe will suit you since it is a singapore company for singapore companies?

  2. ahhh...thanks for the link pal. I've never heard of them. Am gonna check them out now. Thanks again!

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