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Fish Head Curry @ Upper Thomson

Sometime back, I plugged an Indian restaurant that opened in my neighbourhood. Today, I’m gonna plug them again. This time around, it’s all about Fish Head Curry. I’ve never been a fan of this popular Singaporean dish. All that changed when I brought some friends to dinner at Wendy’s Spize Hut. Collectively, they decided to order the largest fish head curry set (a little more about the sets later).

When the dish came, I took a spoonful of the curry and it blew me away. Damn did the curry taste good! Seriously, I don’t know what they put in the curry but it’s the bomb! The fish head was good too, white and soft. Nothing beats fresh seafood in any dish.

Well, I guess you’ve got to try out their Fish Head Curry yourself and be the judge. A person’s taste bud is as unique as their personality. That’s what I always believe. The fish head comes in 3 sets and this special promotion ends on the 31st of October. Here are the sets…

Small: $21.00
Small fish head + 2 white rice set + 2 lime juice (Get a FREE ½ Tandoorin chicken)

Medium: $28.50
Medium fish head + 3 white rice set + 3 lime juice (Get a FREE ¾ Tandoorin chicken)

Large: $36.00
LARGE fish head + 4 white rice set + 4 lime juice (Get a FREE Full Tandoorin chicken)

You might wanna try their naan bread, briyani and mee goreng too. Those are my personal favourites and they get me drooling all the time. I’m drooling already! Mee goreng!! Mee goreng!! Mee goreng!!

Wendy’s Spize Hut is located at No.12 Jalan Gelenggang (578192). If you’ve got no idea where that is, it’s at Sembawang Hills Estate, Upper Thomson Road. I’ll give you another hint…Jalan Leban! You’ll be happy to know that it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Slurp!


  1. DUDE! omg. mee goreng! one of my favourite dishes of all time. and theirs looks amazing! goddamn i'm on a diet and i'm so hungry right now!s

  2. not only does it look good, it taste good too! it's not the typical sloggy mee goreng. theirs is fried well and it isn't too spicy. SLURP!

    you're spot on about their fish head neighbour! it was love at first sight!


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