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Cartoon Tattoos

I've seen some really nice cartoon/comic tattoos on people. I've always thought that Spiderman would make an awesome tattoo! Or even one of the characters from Ninja Turtles. Well, I'll let you judge the tattoos below...


  1. haha...i personally like the catwoman tattoo. portraits like this kicks ass!!

  2. yeah catwoman, very nice. the comic book guy one is lame as hell. who the fuck would pay for that?! -.-

    so far i've seen only one of my friends with a kick ass wolverine tattoo.

  3. mean the captain america tatt? or the drunk from the simpsons?

    there are lots of people out there with fucked up tattoos. oh well, we'll just laugh at these morons...

  4. ahem... woa.... Noel... you sure can write loads. you have so much to write... I mean just looking at your blog can be very overwhelming... and you also have alot of informative stuff which is interesting.. and you definitely know your tattoo stuff boy....good advice any way for idiots like me who have no clue about tattoo... I dont write virtually any way since a while back... so ahem... My blog is empty... hee... boring but its okie... but I am envious of your blog.... hee

  5. hi nekobus, thank you for those very kind words. well, i try to write as much as i can. since a kid, i chose writing as a form to express myself. now, it's writing and tattoos.

    i'm glad that you find my post interesting. there are lots of days where I don't know what to write about. cigarettes and coffee normally comes in handy on those days.

    i think you outta fill that blog up. do anything you wanna do with it. as long as you're having fun!

    btw, are you on facebook or friendster?


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