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Army Days

It’s the weekend and thankfully, we have the weekend off. Woo hoooo hooo!! There’s lots to do today but I’m putting this post first on my things to do list. Reservist training is on the agenda, so here we go…

I, like many of my campmates, enjoy our annual in-camp training. It’s a yearly meet-up session where we get to catch up and relive the good old army days. I would call us a pretty tight bunch. Reservist training is always fun and it wouldn’t be the same without these guys.

Looking back, I miss my army days. I remember the drinking sessions we used to have at a certain coffee-shop. We would book out of camp and take a long walk to this coffee-shop in Jurong. Most of us weren’t good drinkers then but we sure tried to be. I’ll be wasted after every drinking session and a couple of us would puke our way back to camp.

I remember one terrible incident where I got drunk and passed out on a stone bench (near the Padang) on the morning of National Day. Many officers (including my CSM, OC and CO) walked passed and took note of this drunk Eurasian boy sleeping in the rain. Thankfully I didn’t get charged and the National Day Parade was a success.

I used to get into a lot of trouble back then. Each incident would see me sign a couple of extras. For those that aren’t in the loop, signing an extra means you’ll have to be on duty (e.g.: guard duty). I did a hell lot of guard duties back then. Now, I try my best to stay out of trouble. It’s kinda hard to stay out of the radar when you’ve got tattoos all over. Everyone remembers you for your tattoos. That is never a good thing when it comes to the army!

The thing about the army is that it builds a bond. A bond so strong that it can withstand the test of time. When you put a bunch of guys with different backgrounds together for 2 years, you’re gonna have a team that understands each other even though they only meet once a year. I’m thankful that I met Vijay years ago. He has proven to be an awesome best friend. Sure we have had our fair share of problems. All friendships do. Well, reservist wouldn’t be the same without him!

Lots have changed since our ORD years ago. Some are married, some have kids, some are jobless, some are earning more then the commanding officer and some have made their mark in their respective industry. But you know what? It’s great being back together! It’s great reliving the good old army days. We’ve got 15 more days and it’s gonna be a blast!

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