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After 5!

It’s been 5 days since I did a proper post. Blame it on the army, beer and a lot more beer!! Reservist training has been fun thus far with yesterday being the highlight. The CMR training yesterday was hilarious, fun and silly at the same time. I’ll do it again anytime!

With this reservist training in mind, there’s a campmate that I wanna talk about for just a second. A couple days ago, this campmate purchased 2 items from my online boutique. He doesn’t have tattoos and he sure isn’t a body art lover. Roger, I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown. I am truly touched. The only way I can show my appreciation is by being a better friend.

The Tattoo Boutique is working out better than expected. The folks from the online tattoo community ( have been ever so supportive. It’s always nice to receive positive feedback. Some have thrown in Tattoo Ideas too. We’ve been discussing these ideas and will add new items in due time…

Live the Dream came to an end on Wednesday with Victor i-can’t-sing Tang not winning. What a fucking shocker!! I say…thank the lord! Good riddance to that piece of crap!!!

This week saw me step being the microphone again. Not to sing (lets hope to god that never happens), but to do a voice over project for Roi Strategy Consultants. It was my 2nd time working with them and Videolane and it was a blast!

Rei and Nekobus recently left a comment each on my blog. Both equally nice comments that made me smile. If there’s one thing I love, it’s to hear from people that read this blog. Everyday, I check my stats and I see an encouraging number of new and returning readers. I often wonder who these people are and what they think of my posts. Well, at least I know what the two of them think. Thank you for making my week all the more memorable!

This Tattooed Blogger is gonna chill out and enjoy his Saturday. Look out for my weekly Tattooed n’ Hot post later today. Cheers!


  1. hi there. I can't agree more on Fendi winning. that dude can sing and he is probably the only one who can sing. any chance of the Men's sleeveless Tee being made in women's sizes? when is your christmas collection coming out?

  2. true true...i thought Robert Sunga was pretty good too.

    we're working very hard to get release more designs and to improve our selection. this includes women sizes for men tees.

    the xmas edition should be released by the 1st week of november. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any screw ups!!

    cross your fingers with me k...

  3. btw... just a thought. it would be interesting to have something thats smart casual so that we could actually wear it to work without it looking like a t-shirt only. I guess I am saying this for people like me who really don't like wearing coporate black and white pants and shirts. everyone is so serious in the boring, some funk and quirk is always good. I am keeping an eye on your christmas stuff.... buying my gifts early... cheerio Ling.

  4. to nekobus: we'll definitely look into smart-casual wear. i totally hate corporate wear. so i get where you're coming from. well, sometimes it's good to have a boring office. too much distractions is never a good thing. imagine a sexily dress co-worker...i'll never be able to get my work done!

    to lounge lizard: sure...we'll go have baked salted egg crab first!


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