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EPL: Liverpool looks damn bloody good this season. Need I add that their new signings are RED hot?! I see them winning silverware this season. It’s about time duncha think? Winning the Champions League 2 years ago was awesome but it’s now time to claim what’s ours. That my friends is the number No.1 spot in English Football! Woooo yeah!!

From a league that has 22 millionaires running after a ball, we’re moving on to a league which commonly sees its footballers travel to work on motorcycles. You’ve guessed it…the Singapore League (S.LEAGUE)!

S.LEAGUE: What the hell was Woodlands Wellington Football Club thinking when they walked off the pitch on Wednesday? Talk about sportsmanship! Here’s the gist of what went down at the Woodlands Stadium. Woodlands were trailing by 2 goals at the time of the incident, having seen midfielder Hasrin Jailani sent off in the 53rd minute for elbowing Tampines Rovers midfielder Mustafic Fahrudin. A free kick was awarded and Shariff Abdul Samat scored. At the kick off, Noh Alam Shah made it 2-0 without even trying. The Woodlands defense didn’t budge and they allowed him to dribble his way to another goal. The Rams coolly walked off the pitch and headed for the dressing room leaving both Tampines and officials shocked! Apparently…their club chairman instructed his players to leave the pitch. Wtf? If this wasn’t Singapore, the fans would have caused a riot. Instead, the fans threw plastic bottles at the match officials. I’m sure the Rams management had given much thought to the consequences at stake. One word folks…IDIOTS!

Enough talk about Idiots that can’t get the game right. Let’s talk about real athletes. These athletes risk injuries to their bodies each time they get into the squared circle. Awwww yeah baby! It’s the World Wrestling Entertainment!! I LOVE the WWE to bits! I reckon my WWF tattoo is proof enough.

WWE: A huge steroid scandal has hit the WWE following the murder and suicide case involving Chris Benoit. With the current suspension of 11 superstars and the firing of 2, things aren’t looking good. These superstars are some of the best that the industry has seen in a long while.

I do not condone the use of steroids but I do understand why modern day athletes are taking them. Their demanding job makes it a must to have a polished body and these guys work a crazy schedule. Best part of all, they’ve got to be fit as a horse. The superstars of the WWE work an average of 300 days a year. In between those 300 days, they’re flying all over the globe. Can you imagine working a schedule like that? I sure can’t…

I’ve heard of bodybuilders in Singapore that use roids when they’re training for a competition. I’ve also heard that their tempers get really bad. Anything and everything can trigger them off and these fellas get into a rage!

I’m sure the NFL, NBA and MLB will see their fair share of suspensions and sackings soon. The WWE’s involvement in the on-going case is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s gonna rock the sports scene like none other. I guess the good thing about this is that the athletes that aren’t doing steroids will come out on top.


  1. Quote: Liverpool looks damn bloody good this season.

    Ant the Chelsea fan says: "For Now."

    Hah! It's still too early to say ok!

  2. yah yah yah. don't forget that we sleep on the same bed!! Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea...your owner decided to buy an A380 instead of buying new players. say goodbye to the EPL trophy!


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