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@ random 17.09.07

Birthday wishes – There’s a shit load of birthdays this month. My apologies if I’ve failed to text my birthday wishes. Here are some of the birthday boys and girls in my calendar.

Wandy (Manager of b:one): Happy Birthday baby (that’s what we call each other)!! Hope you had a blast and we’ll catch up in Bedok soon…

Shyanne: She’s lucky enough to celebrate her birthday out of the little red dot. Do share with Ant and I the pics of the Bangkok trip and do leave out the naughty pictures. That’s if you wanna share. Heh! Happy birthday again sweets!

Dyana (ex Bar None staff): Wassup sugar! I miss our naughty talk and all the sex stories. Stay happy and study hard you hear! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday babes!

DJ Raj: It’s been way too long since we partied and downed our favourite Chivas green tea. We need to hit back a couple soon. Happy belated birthday bro!

Lee Kuan Yew (The Man): 84 and counting. It’s unbelievable that you’re still swimming, reading, talking and traveling all over the island. I’ll be lucky if I could do what you’re doing when I’m 50. Well, happy belated birthday Mr. Lee!

Meow – A couple days ago, the Boyd family met up at IKEA Tampines for a little home shopping. I have to say this…IKEA Tampines is HUGE!! IF you’ve been there before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. IF you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for?! IF you’re not tired after a walk around IKEA, pop next door to Giant or Courts. At IKEA, we bought a pet basket for our cats. Cost of pet basket? $9.90. The cats love the basket. Nice!

Mr. Miyagi – I received Mr. Miyagi’s book via mail today. Thanks to the rain and my incompetent postman, half the book is wet. Half of the freaking pages are stuck together! Anyhows, the book/comic entitled ‘In My Time’ has been an awesome read thus far. I would recommend this book to anyone that’s done their national service and anyone that loves local humour. Tourists should snap this up ASAP!

Temporary Tattoos – I swear that this is where the fascination for tattoos start. As a kid, I would get into a frenzy every time I laid my hands on one of those cheap ass temporary tattoos. Years went by and before I knew it, I got my first tattoo. I’m gonna buy my kids a huge ass box of temporary tattoos!

Last Friday – Meeting up with Benny, Achily, Fish and Willy got me sloshed. We got to visit Energy at Brix, booze at Watering Hole and check out Hacienda. We drank a shit load and I seriously should have stopped drinking at Dempsey. Hangover aside, it was nice meeting up again. We’ll do this again next month!

Mustafa – Mustafa Shopping Centre is the bomb! Things are cheap and you can find almost everything at this mall. Ant and I visited the good old Mustafa at 3am this morning. Here’s what you see in the wee hours walking around the mall…
1. Middle age Chinese men (cab drivers I think) with skanky young girls walking hand in hand.
2. Transvestites shopping for make-up and stinky cheap perfumes.
3. Sweet young hookers shopping for a change instead of being shopped.
4. Live The Dream contestants such as Alan Sandosham. We had a short chit chat and he continued shopping for DVD’s. It’s a pity he isn’t in the competition anymore. Victor Tang is a dick!

Guest Writers – It’s something I’ve been looking into. It’ll be neat to have some awesome bloggers contribute to this blog. The thing is, the articles would have to be tattoo-related in some way. Nonetheless, it’s something that will happen someday.

Mom – The latest reader I have to my knowledge is my mom. Hello mom!! Thank you for reading and I love you. You reading my blog is truly wonderful. I hope you’ve been enjoying the read. Muaks!!

Alright…I’m outta here. Ya’ll hear from me again in approximately 24 hours. Cheers folks!

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