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He's Got INK! (Davey B)

I've decided to do something different today. For the first time, a male is being featured on Tattooed N' Hot. Its amazingly difficult to find a hot guy with tatts online. Most of the images that show up are of guys blowing each other or some dude taking it up the butt! My my...

David Beckham has been chosen for obvious reasons. I think he's hot! Victoria you lucky bitch!! Meoooow... Ant wanted Johnny Depp to be featured but I thought otherwise. If you do have a suggestion on who should be featured, gimme a holla!

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  1. -swoons-

    david beckham should just sit and look pretty and shut up. can't stand a man who sounds like a faggot. it's even sadder when he looks THAT good.

  2. i agree! maybe thats why Victoria does all the talking. wonder how he sounds in bed...hmmm...


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