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The Tattooed Durian

As you can see *dart your eyes to the right and scroll down*, there a new poll that ends on the 21st of August. The Tattooed Blog plans to move to a new URL shortly and I need YOUR help in deciding what it should be. So…once you are done reading this post, submit your vote ASAP! Oh yeah…PLEAAAAAAAAASE!!

A couple of nights ago, I decided to Google my blog. Not because of vanity or boredom but more because I needed to know where this blog is heading. The results were satisfying to say the least. Among the list of blogs and websites that appeared, one caught my eye. I would say it was curiosity more than anything else. The title of the blog? The Tattooed Banana. I’ve met lots of strange people in my lifetime but who in their right frame of mind would blog about bananas?!

The blog’s banner says “The only site you will find dedicated to the emerging appreciation for banana art.” There is a reason why it’s the ONLY site. Clearly this girl has gone bananas and is one half of the Bananas in Pajamas duo. All in all, she’s got some nice pictures of bananas. Most of the pictures are submitted by other banana crazy fanatics. I’m tempted to send her a picture of my banana. Wearing only a latex ski cap, its erected with joy and hoping you’ll adopt him. Heh! If you must, check out The Tattooed Banana by clicking here. Oh man…I’m craving for banana prata!

We need a Singaporean to start a Tattooed Durian blog. Any takers? I’ll do the eating and you’ll take the pictures. I can’t begin to describe how much I love durians. The last durian feast was mind blowing. It was better than sex I tell you. Butter durians will forever and ever hold a place in my heart. Muaks!!

My erratic writing is gonna lead me from durians to the death of a pro-wrestler…

I sincerely hope that this is the last time I’ll do this for 2007. My love and prayers goes out to the family, fans and friends of the late Brian Adams. Wrestling fans all over the world will fondly remember him as Crush from Demolition. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Brian together with his tag-partners in Singapore. It’s sad that so many wrestlers have died from unnatural causes the past couple of years. I know that this won’t be the last but a wrestling fan can only hope.

I’ve gotta go folks. This is the Tattooed Blogger that LOVES durians saying “Take care and duncha neglect that banana!!” Adios amigos!


  1. i chose your name 'cos then at least you can keep it forever, for whatever purposes.

    makes most sense la.

  2. Shyanne's sentiments echoed by me...

    Or what about


    :-P Sorry hunny, I'm cracking up lately :-P :-D

  3. shyanne: hmm...i was thinking the same thing. actually wanted but its already taken. ant thinks that should be a website rather than a blog.

    nana: thats one loooooooong url. i'll be lucky if someone remembers it. are you alright sweetz? got knocked on the head?


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