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Friends have been forwarding an email to me. Friends have messaged me over and over again about this event. Quite frankly, it's pissing me off. This is the SMS I’ve been getting…

KL International Tattoo 2007
Venue : Merdeka Stadium
Date : 7 - 9 September 2007
Time : 8.30 pm onwards.

Are you going bro??

Looks good so far right? Now look at the attachment from the email below…

I’ve got morons as friends! How in god’s name does body art have anything to do with the above graphic? To my retarded friends, TATTOO has more than one meaning.

–noun, plural -toos.
1. a signal on a drum, bugle, or trumpet at night, for soldiers or sailors to go to their quarters.
2. a knocking or strong pulsation: My heart beat a tattoo on my ribs.
3. British. an outdoor military pageant or display.

I think its time I look for new friends….


  1. bwaahahaa..classic DUH! moment. i saw that ad before but knew what it was about, but knew some ppl wld think it referred to body ink


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