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My new ink

For those that have been waiting for this post, I'M REALLY SORRY!! You've got to understand that when I meet up with the Far East gang, beers will follow. Lots of beers I might add. My brudder Don started drinking at 3pm. That says a lot doesn't it? Do look out for a special post later today. It'll feature one of Singapore's most talented and sought after tattoo artists, Sha.

But for's pics of the tatt i did today. This is my 2nd ink from Vik (EZ Tattoo) and I love it as much as the 1st. Btw, Ant and Don tried adding a fish, cheery and tic tac toe (which you'll see in the 4th picture) to the design. Thank the lord that the big man above was on my side...


  1. your girlfriend beat you to posting lah!

    but nice ink. very nice.

  2. lol...i stole his thunder, didn't i?
    but thats bcos i came home straight while he decided to join the bois for more drinks!

  3. hey! cut me some slack here. i managed to post even though i was high. glad you like the tatt :)

  4. Now for the Orang Utan tattoo neighbour!
    And theeeeeen, complete the one of ur feathermabob!

  5. i dunno where to put the orang utan! was thinking of doing it on my neck. as for the feather, i ain't got the balls yet!


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