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It’s amazing how long my ex-employer is taking to issue my final cheque. It’s been 31 days since I left the company and this is the first time where a company is taking so bloody long to give me my damn salary! Quite frankly, I think the excuse I got was pure lousy. How difficult is it to get two signatures?

I got my cheque from the Peoples Action Party (PAP) within 14 days. Do you know how big the PAP is? It’s a huge organization! It’s hard enough to gather 10 specific individuals from the PAP for a meeting. They got the payment approval signed, cheque signed by the highest authority and issued within 2 weeks.

I’m sure that some of you have encountered problems like this. At the end of the day, it sucks and you lose all respect for your ex-employer. To my former colleagues that are leaving soon, do make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. You guys have done so much for the company (years and years of hard work) and would not deserve this shit. Because when it does, you’ll end up spitting in the faces of the very people you tried to have respect for…

On a lighter note, I paid a visit to a nearby temple today. I’ve always found solace in temples and its amazing how calm their grounds are. I reckon Buddhism is my calling and it’s a religion that I have total faith in. I need Eddy to guide me on a couple of things and I’m sure this will be a journey that will benefit both myself and the people around me.

My bed needs some attention. I’ll post again later today. Ya’ll have a good night and sleep tight wherever you are. Peace out!

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  1. What I did was when it happened, I called the accountant up and asked her for help.

    She said she'll sort it out for me. And I got it even earlier than the rest of the staff: 29 June. My 2 years of intense bribery has paid off well.

    Any time when you join a company, there are 2 persons you should keep as close to you as possible: the accountant/ pay-roll clerk and the HR manager.

    Give her a call. If you need her number, let me know.


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