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An Untitled Post

I do not have a title for this post. The following post is for the staff of Bar None and The Living Room. If you do not work for the two bars, this post would mean nothing to you.

Last night, I met Achily and Benny along with Ant. Its turning out to be a weekly ritual. Anyhow, the night started good. The girls drank a bottle of vodka and I had my favourite beverage, Tiger Beer.

Things changed when Mira arrived at Newton. The moment she sat down, she started bitching about issues and how things are at the bar. The night soon turned emotional when she went on and on about how disappointed the staff are with me. How much of this is true is something I'll never know.

I'm gonna be direct and hopefully the staff of both Bar None and The Living Room will understand why I made the decision to leave. I made the decision to leave the bar for good on Monday, 16th July.

Everyone knows that I was supposed to join the marketing department. From Assistant Manager, my job title would have changed to Marketing Manager. Sounds good right? Wrong! Bar None works in a totally different manner. As long as you are in the management team, you're at the MD's disposal 24/7. I would still have to drink with customers and work the floor on Fridays and Saturdays.

My decision to leave was also due to Shaharin's resignation. I first tendered my resignation on the 30th of March. After a long conversation with Shaharin, I agreed to stay and he’ll guide me along. Working together would have been a blast. The marketing team needs someone like Shaharin as its General Manager. A person that is open to ideas and a person that is within reach when it comes to approving projects. Not someone that is drunk half the freaking time!

In fact, my last day at the bar was supposed to be in mid June. After much persuasion from Iskandar, I agreed to leave a day after Bar None closed for renovation. That's how July 16th came about.

Like all issues at the bar, nothing is ever confirmed and things are always done at the last minute. From what I hear, the bar is now closing for renovations on the 31st of August.

And with Energy leaving, it gave me more reason to take my departure. Energy is the best band in Singapore. They play the best music and it's a blessing that Douglas isn't with the band anymore. So what if he is a family friend? He can't sing anymore. Period! Back to Energy...I love the band and I'm extremely close to Iskandar and Gavin. Nobody at the bar knew about this and for good reason. I recall trying to invite the media to interview Energy. This was for a write-up that would give the band publicity and in-turn, give publicity to Bar None. Marco shot down the idea and remarked that the article should be about Bar None only. For the record, nothing was ever done for Energy and they should not be blamed for the bar's weak sales.

I strongly feel that there is too much negativity going around the bar. From the email regarding the credit tips and meal allowance to some asshole calling the army about Shawn Jr. What’s up with this? It’s bullshit if you ask me. Retribution will bite the arse of whoever was behind both incidents.

When I was a kid, I never dreamt of being a Bar Manager. Instead, I dreamt of being an entertainer. That’s exactly what I’m working towards. Entertaining Singaporeans by either producing events or hosting them, is my forte.

I really hope that you will someday understand why I left. It wasn’t an easy decision but I’m glad I made it. The past week has been awesome. I’m taking care of my health and spending time with my family.

Thank you for labeling me as your favourite manager. Its sweet and it’s something I will remember for a long time to come. Take good care and we’ll meet up soon…Well, that’s only if you want to.

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  1. you have yourself to think about too. you (and your family) come first in your life.

    everyone else should understand and respect your decision. your decision, afterall, was made in your best interest.

    glad you stood your ground this time and stuck to it.


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