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Moving on up!

The Tattooed Blog received its 10,000 visitor not long ago. I’m going hysterical here. That figure may not mean much to some people. But it sure means a shit load to me. It shows how many people are reading this humble blog. Thank you! *bows*

As most of you know by now, I’ve left Bar None. I really wanted to tell everyone what my plans were. But knowing how humans are, it was downright impossible. I can’t deal with the “please stay” and “I can’t do this without you” no more. I’m too soft and I’ve changed my mind for the benefit of others way too many times. I want ya’ll to know that I made this decision for myself and myself only. Life is too short to be unhappy and I’m moving on!

The big question is…what’s in store for the next chapter? For starters, I’m gonna write freelance for Love Airways. I love their mag and they love my writing for some strange reason. It’s a perfect match duncha think?

The past two days has seen me spend quality time with my folks. I treasure days like this and it'll stay this way till the month is over. My dad fell 4 times on Monday morning. If that doesn’t do anything to you, I don’t know what will. His birthday is on the 27th of this month and I’m gonna do something special for him. He turns 69.

Speaking of birthdays, my mom turns 60 on the 22nd of July. She doesn’t look close to that and is in fantastic health. There are days where we’ll be at war. Most days actually. Take Tuesday for example. My mobile doesn’t work no more. The LCD screen is totally fucked. Grrr…

For those of you who witnessed the ladies go gaga in the Tribal Tag, it’s all Josh Duhamel’s fault! He’s one hell of a stud! I wonder if he is still going out with Fergie (Black Eye Peas)….Lucky bastard!!

I chanced upon this website while searching for material for an upcoming presentation. Resorts World at Sentosa looks awesome. We're finally gonna have our very own Hard Rock Hotel. It’s long overdue by any standards. Universals Studios Sentosa is gonna rock! I can’t wait!! Someone hit me so that I’ll be in coma till 2010. QUICK!!

Look forward to more posts from yours truly in the coming days and weeks. Till the next post, stay away from cockles. Two plates and I got incredibly horny!!


  1. wei...i dint mean to offend u ok....just upset lah abt the whole thing..neways i am sure gonna make u come back as customer...if my chance are still there? Feel me? i dint tell u the whole thing neways.

  2. hey didn't offend me. you know it takes alot more than that. we're tight man...
    and yeah...i know you're upset. i hope that one day, you'll understand why I did what I did. not just you but the others that I was close to as well (siti, raj, max, benny, fish, achily).
    hmm...i'll love to come back as a customer one day. but what do you mean by if your chance is till there? wats the whole thing you didn't tell me about??


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