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Glue, Teens and a wicked cat!

Just when I thought I was gonna miss the WWE Summerslam tour, Leon tells me he got me a ticket. So yeah, we're gonna watch the Smackdown boys kick some ass at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in a couple of hours. Wooohoooo!

What's up with youths today? I'm talking about the assholes that think they're some big gangster. I saw one a couple of afternoons ago at Toa Payoh. There I was having a simple but good lunch with my folks. Next thing I know, these two punks walk past. One was either 17 or 18 and the other couldn't be more than 14. It's the 14 year old pre-puberty gangster that ticked me off. Along with his ugly sidekick, they walked up and down at least 5 times. Each time, the maggot stared and swung his arms as he walked. If not for my folks and Ant, I would have beaten the crap outta these fools.

Funny thing is, I don't blame those maggots. I blame the god damn parents. Why the hell do they need to have so many children when they clearly can't control them? Is it because they have not heard the word WITHDRAWAL?? It's when you pull your wife pleasing dick out just before you shoot your seed. Seed = cum in the erotic novel world.

I don't believe I just went through that...Getting back to parenting...You need to discipline your kids. Period! Beating the hell outta them does not constitute to proper parenting. I for one am totally against the idea of hitting a kid. Yet alone a woman. Be there for your kids. Listen. That's the key word here. If you bother to listen for once in your life, maybe you'll learn a thing or two. If all else fails, send them to the Boys or Girls Home. My mom was so close to sending me there. She cried for days and got all the documents prepared. Being a young shithead, I egged her on. Telling her that I didn't care and stuff. Looking back, I thank my lucky stars that didn't happen. Then again, maybe the boys home stint would have bailed me from being behind bars. One way or another, the system is gonna get you.

The morale of the story here is to bring up your kids the right way. Don't let them become robbers, rapists, molesters, retards to society, etc...

Glue sniffing is on the rise again. How in gods name did this become a trend once again? You would think that the buffet of designer drugs available these days would be the only social problem. I remember my school days where almost everyone I knew was glue sniffing. I tried it once and it sucked. Or was it twice? Hmm... I blame it on this girl I was crazy about. Just cos I needed to get into her panties, I sniffed to impress her. Not her panties but cheap industrial glue. In case you're wondering, I didn't get pass her uniform. It was only years later that we connected karmasutra style! Not like you needed to know that...

I'm straying off too much today. Back to the glue sniffing trend. If you see anyone sniffing glue, call the cops immediately. Trust me when I say this, you'll be doing them a favour. And if you see some idiot sniffing at the children's playground, beat the shit outta them. If you're incapable of doing that, give me a call and I'll do it on your behalf. After which, we'll call the police.

My dad's birthday was an absolute blast! Dinner was at a lovely place called Bottle Tree Park located at Lorong Chen Charu (Yishun). It's the sister outlet of Bottle Tree Village. Another fantastic place to go to if you drive. The service and food at Bottle Tree Park was good. I love chinese food and it blows my mind when their signature dishes come out perfect. I've uploaded the birthday pictures and you can view them HERE.

My cat Danny, decided to give my dad a birthday present. Which I'm sure came from the heart. Don't we just love presents from the heart? The furball clawed and bit my dad!! Dad was left with wounds on his knee, thigh, finger and arms. It's time to send this feline to the god damn SPCA!

I'm gonna watch CNN and catch up with the latest happenings. Yes, I do watch the news. Porn isn't the only thing on my mind. Till next time folks!!

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