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What’s next?

What’s up with 2007? I’ve been falling ill as often as Rajen visits Geylang. The latest episode saw me at a local hospital gasping for air. I wanted to pray but I don’t have a religion. I did the next best thing…I threw away my pack of Marlboro’s and begged the nurse to hurry the F up. Finally, I was diagnosed with an asthma attack. The picture on the right is courtesy of my mom. As much as I wanted her to snap pics of the nurses, she chose to document her son.

My question is, how the hell did I end up having asthma? Doctors can give you a hundred reasons why you’re sick. On some days, my mom thinks she’s a doctor. It’s amazing how the bloody Newpaper can become a medical encyclopedia!

Don’t you just hate it when the opposite sex can’t take a freaking hint?? A certain someone has asked me out for dinner over a couple of months. I’m talking many times here. Each and every single time, I’d tell her I’m busy. If I’m really interested, I’ll ask you out. If I don’t have time for family and friends, what makes you think that I’ll have dinner with a jackass? If its one thing I hate, it's a woman asking a guy out...

Just the other night, a lovely young lady by the name of Noi put a HUGE smile on my face. It was real simple actually. She sent a message on Friendster saying this… “i cant believe i found you while frienster hopping. can i add you up? i love reading your blog so much!” Noi, I hope you’re reading this. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

I’ll soon be making changes to this blog. One of the new additions will be my tattoo artist portfolio. I’m sure ya’ll love his work and it might just inspire you to get inked. If you don’t have a tattoo or don’t plan to get one, it’s totally cool. I think its awesome that Miami Ink is doing so well in Singapore and Asia.

The anti-smoking campaign is gonna go full swing soon. The campaign looks hip and should be interesting. I sure as hell won’t give up my smokes. Lets put it this way…I LOVE TOBACCO! You can raise the prices, shove gruesome pictures in our faces and ban smoking in our favourite hangouts. If I quit, Philip Morris gonna be real upset. Heh!

While I wonder what my next illness is gonna be, ya’ll take good care and have a blessed week ahead. Peace ya’ll!!


  1. that's what they all say...i believe in living life to the fullest. if its one thing i won,t give up, its me ciggies.


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