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Rest In Peace Buddy

The amount of bullshit that various news agencies are reporting is un-fucking-believable. Steroids turned Benoit into a raging murderer, Benoit – Cruel Child Murderer, Wrestler turned Scum, etc… Do they even know what happened?

The sheriff’s department had stated that the drugs found in Benoit’s home were prescribed. Meaning, it’s LEGAL. Chris was walking around with so many injuries that he needed these drugs to do what he loved. And that was entertaining the millions of fans the world over

There’s a lot of things that can and will drive a man or woman to commit murder. I’m not saying it’s right. But it happens. Life is such and we need to learn from experiences. I have a friend that killed someone a couple of years ago. I will not name names here but he is one hell of a guy. He was charged with manslaughter and was released from prison not long ago. He does regret his actions to a certain degree and sometimes wishes that he wasn’t out with us drinking on that ‘fucked’ up day. He still is a good friend. A fucking good one I might add.

Like I’ve told him on many occasions, anyone of us could have done what he did. The unfortunate thing is that he was the last one to leave. So yea, fate decided to be cruel on that day.

People need to learn to be sensitive. The media is always looking for stories like this to emphasize that wrestling is in fact violent. The added measure they have here is that wrestling can and will create murderers.

I am a HUGE fan of wrestling and the WWE. I grew up watching the then WWF and I watched the product evolve to the current WWE. On the 28th of July, I will be at the Singapore Indoor stadium to watch the Smackdown Summerslam tour.

Chris Benoit will always be the best technical wrestler and he has left behind millions of fans. His memory will live on and I’m gonna miss him. The only consolation he is up there with his best friend Eddie. It’s a reunion that I’m sure both have been waiting for. Rest in Peace buddy!

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