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A Little Pill

All it took was a tiny little pill to really fuck things up. Readers of this blog will remember an episode where I had severe drug allergies. My face and scalp was filled with mosquito like bites! The same thing happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Along with my other prescribed drugs, I took a 50MG Diclofenac tablet after dinner. Couple of hours later, my drug allergies kicked in and needless to say, it was a painful and unpleasant experience.

For those that aren’t familiar with this drug, it’s an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat body aches and pain. I did some research online and it says that Diclofenac should not be prescribed to smokers, patients whom have kidney problems, stomach ulcers and asthma. I almost fainted after reading this. I smoke and have all the above illnesses.

Needless to say, I’m disappointed with my GP. I’m sure many Singaporeans have gone through what I’ve just dealt with. What is it gonna take for doctors to wake up and prescribe the correct medication? Will it take a death for them to review the current situation? My friends know how I sleep. Once I sleep, there’s no waking me. If I had fallen asleep before the allergies kicked in, god knows what would have happened. Worse scenario would be a fucking visit to my wake!!

I watched the movie ‘Click’ the other day. I really like the movie and the message ‘Family Comes First’ it puts across. I think its something we should all learn and its never too late to love thy family. I’ve seen lots of friends go through regrets because they weren’t there for their family when they were needed most. Its not a pretty sight and I for one would never want to be in their shoes.

That my friends, is the Biggest reason why I’m leaving my job on the 16th of July. I love my family and working nights doesn’t allow me to spend enough time with them. Once a week doesn’t cut it and a couple of hours sure doesn’t either.

Marie, thanks for giving me Monday off. It’s an added day to rest and I pray to god that I’m better when I wake up tomorrow. I’d hate to go for a blood test but its inevitable I guess. I hope your weekend was awesome and you’re doing good. Till the next post, take good care and good bless.

Noel D. Boyd
The Tattooed Blogger

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