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I love ogling at tattoos! When I’m on the streets, I normally try to get a closer look of someone’s tattoo if it catches my attention. Any girl with a tattoo would get my attention. Heh! On second thoughts…not just any girl.

I bet ya’ll have seen minahs walking around with the ugliest of tattoos. These gang related tattoos will come back to haunt them some day. Those tattoos aren’t art and will never be classified as bodyart.

Below are a couple of tattoos that I thought were cool and worth sharing. Have a great week ahead!

For those that don't know, thats the Undertaker from WWE. I want one too!!

Say Awwwww...


  1. I think the last one is REALLY pretty!!!!! I sooooo like her wings .... that's the kind of detailing I was talking about. Tho I reckon this one must be quite large to be so intricate. Think my flutterbye could morph into something similiar??? Love the colour and design .....


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