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Bed of Roses

Just for the record, I’m single again. Does dating someone constitute to a relationship? I think NOT!!

There are a couple of low down losers out there that have nothing better to do than to bitch about who I’m going out with. You know what? Unless I’m fucking your mother, its none of your business. And even if I am, she’s probably enjoying it.

Bar None introduced its very own After-Hours party on Saturday. The band (I’ve got no idea what they’re called), were pretty darn good. Anything with a good mix of percussions gets my vote.

As many of you read in the local press, Bar None is closing in mid-july. After 8 glorious years, she’s gonna close her doors for one last time. The last day of operations should be a day to remember for a long time. To be continued….

I’m gonna end this post with a song I fell in love with years ago. A special someone recently rekindled my love with this beautiful song. Enjoy ya’ll!!


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  2. wah. dating someone already? so soon? lol..


    to the new flame:
    noel is an amazing person. funny, witty and immensely intoxicating. great eyes and a beautiful smile. when he has his eyes on you, he will only have his eyes on YOU.. and no one else.



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