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Wendy’s Spize Hut

What do you do when you’re amazingly hungry and at the brink of starvation? Ok, not starvation but you’re just super duper hungry! I go looking for food around the house. If that fails, I roam the neighbourhood in search of food. If you don’t know by now, Thomson has some pretty good food, from Italian to Chinese to Japanese cuisine. We’re gonna be the next best thing to Holland Village in a year or two.

This afternoon, Hida and I visited a new restaurant which is a stone throw away from my house. I’m a sucker for Indian food and they did not disappoint. I love good service and their service was outstanding! The food was good and I can’t wait to try their mee goreng. It’s spelt as mee goring in their menu for some reason.

I had a serving of chicken dam briyani and Hida had a butter naan. The briyani was reasonably good and the butter naan went well with their mint sauce. At this very moment, she’s thinking of heading across the road to buy another naan. Enough said don’t you think?! If you’re crazy over fish head curry, I reckon you’ll dig this place. It comes in three sizes and the smallest serving is perfect for a couple.

The restaurant is spacious and the smoking section is conveniently placed at the entrance. The only thing that needs changed for now is the selection of music. Somehow, Michael Buble and Gold 90FM doesn’t go well with the settings. Hindi influenced chill out tunes would be a better choice. It’s all about being authentic and setting the mood for the customers.

I can’t wait to visit Wendy’s again with Felicia and Hida. It’s gonna be the next best place to chill out other than our kerb. Yaaay!

Wendy’s Spize Hut is located at 12 Jalan Gelenggang (Singapore 578192).
Tel: 6552 5272


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  2. wah...sounds good.... die die must try....

  3. Update:



    Food - Good

    Service - Excellent

    Prize - Reasonable

    Smoking Section - Yes

    Kamakazi Xtreme Sports Cicaks - Unfortunately

    Overall - Screw Casuarina Curry, Wendy's Spize Hut is THE place to be! (Would be better without the lizards lar, but hey! Can't have it all now can you?)

  4. I'm quite sure I meant to say PRICE.

    Finger and Brain spoi.

  5. many rave reviews.... wonder when i get to go....

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