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I love my penis!

I’m only gonna say this once. It’s the truth and nothing you say or do will change what I’m about to say. MEN ARE FACINATED WITH THEIR DICKS!! Every male specie walking this planet has at one time or another glanced at the urinal next to you, just to have that short peep. Call it curiosity if you want. I’d prefer to call it ‘fascination’.

We guys just wanna know if the bugger next to us is smaller, longer or thicker. Don’t ask why. That’s just how it is!

Once again there’s a debate on educating the young about sex. Let’s face it man. The more you tell a teenager not to have sex, the more they’re gonna do it. The right approach to this issue is to educate the young on Safe Sex. Encourage them to have protected sex rather then saying No to sex. Another approach is to have ‘graphic’ posters in primary and secondary schools. And where do we place these posters? In the fucking canteen of course!! What better way to showcase the common STD’s right? Imagine having lunch during recess with a poster of a gonorrhea infected penis staring right back at you. Enough said!

I had a good chat with my buddy Anil a couple days ago. He liked the drunken video of yours truly. From what I understand…there are more videos of myself out there. Should you have videos of my most drunken state, send erm over. Thank fucking goodness I’m not a girl balls. I’ll be more famous then that Tammy bitch! Speaking of videos, I have a video of Marco. Heh!

It’s time for lunch with Hida and a session of DVD’s before I start work. Till next time people!


  1. It's true...

    It's been researched that the figure that any men admire the most is that of his own penis. Yes, take that, Jessica Alba! (But I still love you... *muah!*)


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