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23 days to Xmas

How's everyone doing in the internet world? A world where your penis could be 11 inches and you earn a million bucks a year. Hope all is good on your side and you’re counting down to Christmas and NYE. I’m not feeling good on my end and I just wanna pull through the weekend. A little more on that at the end of this post…

Work has been awesome so far. The classy dinners have been awesome and the drinks that I’ve had to down have been naughty but nice. There are certain changes that I need to make to excel in the nightlife industry. I’m here to make a name for myself and not just to supplement my crazy lifestyle. So if I don’t have time for friends, it means I’m at work. My number one priority is to ensure that both Bar None and The Living Room end 2006 with a bang! We’ll work 2007 from there and it sure looks like a promising year ahead.

Random thoughts…

01: If I ruled the world, this would be my slogan. My Semen Unites The World! Then again, alcohol seems to unite the world too. But, alcohol does semen if you think about it. Lotsa flings and one-night-stands happen thanks to the ever friendly alcohol. The last alcohol influenced fling I had was months ago. Alright….moving on!!

02: I need to start saving for my Borneo trip. It should happen in July 2007. I’m gonna save my annual leave for this trip and should be away volunteering at the reserve for a total of 10 days. This is one trip I wanna do alone and it’ll be worth every cent!

03: Wassup with Britney Spears going commando?! Britney falls under the category of MILF (Mother I’ll Love to Fuck). I’ve met a couple of MILF’s in my time and none of them arrived without panties. I wonder if this is gonna start a trend. If it does, I’m never gonna leave home without my glasses or contacts.

I don’t know about you guys but I never EVER took drug allergies seriously. To cut a long story short, I experienced first hand the severity of an allergy. I ended up at Raffles Hospital with the worse break-out possible (picture below). My lips turned blue and I had mosquito like boils all over my face and body. To say I was freaking out is an understatement.

My thanks to Raffles Hospital for the care they showed and for the kick-ass injection. I thought they were kidding when they said that it’ll hurt. It hurt like a bitch balls!! Imagine a fully tattooed bloke getting jabbed. I tried my best to show that it wasn’t the least painful. I gave it away when I mumbled “Jesus fuckin Christ!!”

After an entire bloody day in bed, I’m ready to head back to work and listen to Energy rock the house on a Saturday night. Till the next post, erect that Christmas tree and shag like there’s no tomorrow!!


  1. oiiiiii...

    i sooooo wanted to be there for you. with a needle in hand to poke all'em mozzie bites. they look mighty burst-able. heh...

    ok i'm sorry. you pooor thing.. pls dont be taking meds from strange doctor frankensteins. medication-for-alcohol exchange can never be a good thing.

    AAANNNDD... pls dont use the words "hospital" and "severe" in the same sentence at 4am next time, u nimwit.. my brain can't take the shock. lol.

  2. they look like boils dont they?

    Noel Boils.

    ok not funny.. i'm sorry. =p


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