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Big hugs if you’ve been checking this blog for updates. I’m still adapting to the nightlife hours and I’m not too far away from being a vampire. A pretty darn good looking vampire! A big shout-out to Sanjay from M.O.S. Thanks for reading this blog brudder!!

My second brother is in Israel and I pray to god he comes back safe. There’s too much fighting in this world and if we could all just pause and reflect, this world would be a better place to live in.

We’ve all met ang mohs who think its cute to imitate Singaporeans. They use ‘Lah’ in every possible sentence. These idiots never fail to irritate the shit outta me. Last night I met an elderly Caucasian man at the Living Room. This dude blew my fucking mind to bits…He spoke fluent mandarin. He could actually carry a long conversation with the crew from Marriott Hotel. How cool is that!!

I’ve got a new family in my life and I must say this is one hell of a big family! This family includes fellow managers, bartenders, servers, first stewards and last but not least…our Regulars. There’s also a band, deejay and the beverage control department. I’m extremely happy at the bar and I’ve been all smiles since day one.

Bar None has the best service and LIVE entertainment in Singapore. I’m not just saying this cos I work for them. I started going to Bar None in 2002. All it took was that one night to fall in love with the bar. I think it was sometime in 2004 when the bar closed for a couple of days. I had BN withdrawal symptoms!! I was moody and all I wanted to do was listen to Nine Lives.

So yeah…I think its been a beautiful transition from regular to manager. I love the place and things can only get better. In fact, I think I’m gonna pop by the bar for a couple of drinks.

Till next time folks!!

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  1. Hey neighbour, we've missed you! And just cos u have a new family dun mean you can forget about this one!

    I miss our curb! *pout*


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