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The Zoo Days

Ya'll have heard me talk about my days at the Singapore Zoo. In fact, it's all I talk about when you first get to know me. Days which i'm so proud of. My zoo days that will always have a place in my heart. I'm taking it to the next step by showing you pictures of the good old days. The picture of the king cobra and crocodile were taken at the Jurong Reptile Park. God i miss working with animals...

You can view these pictures and many others here


  1. Let's go to the zoo,
    There's lots to do,
    Wonderful day of fun!
    Elephants, Seals, Orangutans!

    I am soooo excited about Thursday!

  2. Is that really you dear..?
    gosh, how long was that?

    btw, this picture looks like it came from advert....

    nicely taken...
    good shot!!

    ** look better now ... hehe...
    and when is the movie treat coming?..i am waiting...

  3. Hey ruby...can't believe that it's me right? That was 10 fucking years ago. seems like yesterday though...

    that picture was used for some wildlife magazine. the photographer was sweet enough to drop off the pictures at my section. never had the chance to thank him.

    thanks for the compliment. was wondering where you've been. its been ages since you left a comment. welcome back sweetheart!

    we'll catch a movie real soon darling...just continue waiting *wink*

  4. ahaha.....i bee round and i been dropping u peeps blog..but just dint have a chanc to comment...been tied up with and out of werk...

    keep me waiting huh..hmmmmphh!!!....


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