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For awhile, i was the tattooed blogger that passed out on the fucking floor! My thanks to Felicia for taking this picture at Rachel's house. Cheers neighbour!


  1. you're one cute rascal! like a rockstar with the booze, tattoos and the attitude. real smooth i tell ya! see you on myspace real soon loverboy...

  2. are you sucking on ur finger by the way? hmm...

  3. hi Tania! Thanks for the compliment. I'm a rascal huh? My mom has been calling a rascal since the age of 10! Well sweetheart, I sure hope to meet you on myspace soon. Who ever you are, you made my day! Muaks!!

    Erm...You've gotta ask Felicia this question. She took the pic brudder!!Seriously doubt I was sucking my thumb.

    To anonymous, thanks for checking out my ass! If only you could spank me! *winkz*

  4. hahah anytime neighbour, anytime!

    and for the record, he wasn't sucking his thumb..
    but in my opinion, he looked like he was having a fingernail buffet in his dreams...

    mmm yuuuum...


  5. haha....look like a school boy got his first booze!
    fingernail buffet eh?...ahakz!!
    loverboy daily dreams huh...hehehe


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