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midway thru august

The Tattooed Blogger is back! I won’t say I’m back bigger than before cos that would mean I’ve regained the weight that I’ve lost. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone but I found the perfect way to lose weight. What I’ve been doing for the past two months is eating a meal a day. On most days, it’s just dinner! I’ve lost 7kg just by skipping meals!

This may sound weird but I really like this song from Take That. It’s called A Million Love Songs…It’s beautiful and I cant get enough of Gary & company.

Bar None’s 7th Anniversary is coming up and should be a blast. Hopefully the line-up of guest musicians will be one to remember for a long time. Slash and I are going hunting in a couple of days and we will win this challenge hands down!

For the first time, the bloggers that visit my site had the chance to meet (Missbitchalot a.k.a my neighbour, R3velations a.k.a my sista and Othersidefame a.k.a Ruby). That’s the same day I was overloaded with Johnny Walker by you know who! I’m not gonna say who but I think that person knows herself very well…

I’ve got new readers ‘Evelyn and Ratnah’ to my blog. Both are teachers and from the comments I’ve gathered, they like what they see. And that folks, is nice!

I wanna catch World Trade Centre when it’s shown in cinemas here. It’s gonna be one wild emotional ride! I’m gonna get Fel and Rachel to watch this with me. Come to think about it, I owe Ruby a movie too. How long has it been honey? A year or so?

Did ya’ll read about the mother whom left her baby to die in a locker? How can a person do such a thing?? It’s sick and it shows how fucked up humans we humans can be!

Los Lonely Boys have a new album out and it’s called Sacred. It’s a guaranteed best buy and you will love their music. Repeat after me…I LOVE LOS LONELY BOYS. Now go buy their album!

If ya’ll ain’t convinced enough, click here to download the official Los Lonely Boys media player.

I love the ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA website! It shouts rock from the moment the site loads. Here’s something about me…I love rock but I can’t stand shit that is LOUD. I have never been a fan of bands like Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D, etc… Some of ya’ll may like heavy metal music but I will never allow my ears to go through crap and torture. Current musicians that I think are awesome are Michael Bublé, Robbie Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Los Lonely Boys and Kanye West. These are musicians that come up with awesome songs and are irresistible to watch Live!

I’m gonna prep for dinner at BLooiE’s Roadhouse Restaurant and Pub. We’re celebrating Leo’s & Lynn’s birthday and hopefully we’ll get high!

Till next time folks!



    *funky swirly eye thing*

    And neighbour, I SWEAR I NEVER!

  2. lovely! make sure you buy k!!

    nabei! you wanna bluff who? hah! anyway, i love neighbours that get me drunk. and you know whats special? you're the only one!

    what does miss ruby have to say about this?

  3. i would have to say ....
    that i would rather listen to jason mraz, joss stone...give couples of my favourites I'll do anything (this sounds for u, yours truly) and plane by mraz & right to be wrong by joss stone. btw, P.O.D mellow down a bit to some of their singles..catch one of their tune "goodbye for now"...

    Eveybody is special to this tattooed blogger who could make him drunk and dun forget staffs of bar none make u drunk even before u even think of getting dun blame ur neighbour!

    and yes dear u owe a movie and actually a couple of it..if u read my blog, i invite u for a "screaming-our-lung-session" to watch Stay Alive or American haunting...dare to catch my dare??hahaha....i dare u,noel,i dare u!!!! *wink* evil smile ;)

    I love to bully u at times..
    dun hate me ya....
    --- world peace--- *wink* waving to you...

  4. And here I thought I was special...sigh...


    not so special after all..

    *hangs head in shame*

    Oh and Ruby, I lurrrrve Jason Mraz!!!

  5. Hmm...I agree about the Bar None staff getting me drunk. It has happened one too many times. In fact, I don't remember a single occasion where i walked off sober!

    you can forget about me watchin those movies! i ain't interested in horror! i may have lotsa tattoos and be an ah-beng at heart. but, i can't stand shit that scares the daylights outta me.

    we could watch a nice comedy. hows that?

    well Fel, you're still special! trust me....

  6. well,well,....ok lah...then its comedy but the dare challenge still on...whenever u are ready babey...wakaka...

  7. i have to stand by my brother on the scary movie shit... i hate freakin movies that make u jump outta ure seat and i spend half the time trying to hide from the screen anyways.

    as fer bands of the moment... hmm,.. live, snow patrol, keane.... major emo gripe but hey, if theres no emotional crap, then we're all as good as dead arent we!

    ooh and cat empire rawks too!

    as fer this movie we're watching... i'll bring the tissues..
    we're gonna need them.

    kill em' all i say!

  8. i have never watched a whole horror movie...I remember watchin movies like Jaws. for the whole bloody night, my feet never ever touched the ground!

    I have to agree on Snow Patrol! I'm beginning to like them thanks to ZeeZee!

  9. Yaaay! I'm still special!

    As for the scary movie shite, I'm gonna hafta agree with the BOO! type things for me..I have a weak heart, I'm fragile..

    I am however, looking forward to World Trade Centre! It's gonna be emotional...

    And Snow Patrol rocks lar!! and so does LIVE!! And trust me when I say this, I'll have both of yall jiving to The Cat Empire by the end of next week!

  10. I want to watch WTC too,,,hey catch CLICK..i cried watching it!..Go on guys...catch it..its a beautiful story!


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