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good morning =)

It’s 6.30 in the morning and I still can’t sleep.

Here’s something I’ve just come up with…It’s gonna be called “The Grago’s Point!”

NEWS 01 (From Yahoo! News): Grim numbers released by Dr Balaji Sadasivan yesterday showed that the cases of sexually-transmitted infections (STI) among Singaporeans aged between 10 and 19 had increased markedly — from 250 in 2002 to 678 last year. And while STIs such as gonorrhea, genital herpes and warts constitute a majority of the cases, even the Aids virus has not spared teenagers.
By the end of last year, there were more than 40 Singaporeans aged below 19 who had tested positive for HIV. The Ministry of Health (MOH) will study data on young Aids patients to see if there is any school was particularly at risk, and inform the school if so. While the study has not been conducted, Dr Balaji gave his assurance that schools will only be provided with statistical data and not the students' identities. He expressed hope that schools would take a more pro-active approach toward HIV education.

My say: That’s indeed shocking! Singaporeans aged between 10 and 19? These damn kids grow up fast these days! When I was 16, I was still figuring out how to masturbate. It was only after this clown in school mimicked the art of masturbation did I enjoy years of self pleasure! Someone please call me a Wanker!!

NEWS 02 (From Yahoo! News): At the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, they launched the Condom Project, which aims to get people comfortable about condoms, especially those living in countries where the little piece of latex is considered taboo.
To do that, the project has a program that gets people making their own condom art pin. It all starts with a craft table, packaged condoms, scraps of colored paper, candy and other double-sided tape.
Almost 400,000 condoms have been decorated and turned into brooches or pins around the world including India, Thailand, Senegal and Burkina Faso, he said. Adriana Bertini of Sao Paulo, Brazil, also was making a condom fashion statement. She had plastic mannequins sporting a dress made of orange condoms, a rose-colored mini, a blue harem outfit made of blue condoms, complete with a tight bodice and full-legged trousers.

My say: I think it’s awesome that they’re promoting condoms this way. I’ve noticed that in Singapore, men are shy to purchase condoms. Don't say no cos it's true! It doesn't count when you're drunk. Every man has balls of steel when they're drunk!
We need more vending machines that sell condoms. Put them in the bloody heartlands! We definitely need these machines in parks too. You won’t be encouraging sex, you’ll be promoting Safe sex. And, I’m gonna make my own art pin. It’ll be a portrait of Osama Bin Laden! That’s for being the asshole that he is! Well said Noel Boyd!!

NEWS 03 (From The TODAYonline): SINGAPORE is short of about 15,000 newborns each year. To keep our population from declining, the number of births yearly needs to be at least 60,000.
Beyond these figures, do we really understand, in quantitative terms, the seriousness and long-term implications of the problem for us as a nation? In most people's cases, probably not.
Currently, Singapore's citizens number 3.2 million. But did you know that by 2065, only 1.5 million of the 2006 pool of citizens and their descendants would have lived to see our country's 100th National Day? This means that one in two existing citizens will not have a descendant to inherit Singapore in 2065.
With such a small population, Singapore would become insignificant and so weak that it would be easy prey for any aggressor — never mind the worries about national identity or changes in values. Unless you have a descendant, you may end up with a smaller voice than naturalised immigrants in deciding and shaping the long-term destiny of Singapore.
Is that something you can live with?

My say: Hell no!! Forget about those troublesome condoms. I’m gonna go all out and help my country. As I’ve sworn before, when my country needs me, I’ll be there! So ladies, please help your country too. Give me a call ASAP and we’ll do our part! My fly...umm...I lines are open 24/7. Pick up that phone and call now! May we all start reproducing! Cheers Singapore!!


  1. ya..ya..noel are these gerls to call u whn u dun even put up ur line u want me to help u put it up...? line please with number tags...make sure ur operation are really heal please, for the pleasure of our SIr here to help our country!

  2. It's amazing what my neighbour comes up with at 6.30 in the a.m.

    Ima start putting posters up in our village to warn the girls!
    On 2nd thought, naaah, it would be fun to be neighbourlets to play with! :D

    Call Noel Boyd now @ 1900-SPANK-ME.

    Watch out Thomson!

  3. me volunteering myself?....hey i volunteer to be the mamasan ok...

    Come! Come!...lots of pretty girls for you..come Sir COme...


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