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Good Night!

I've been lying in bed since 2am doing absolutely nothing. How productive can that be right? TV was good for awhile but even Discovery got boring. How often does that happen?

So I decided to turn on my TavelMate 800 and get busy on my beloved blog. Now the BIG question was what to write about. It isn't easy to keep thinking of subjects. Unlike many bloggers, I'm not big on writing about my everyday life. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong. Cos there isn't. Some people do have interesting lives and some are just plain boring.

If i did write about my everyday life, it would be something like this...Woke up today with a slight hangover. I must remember not to drink so much the next time i meet the clique. Spent the day replying to emails and getting some work done. Met up with Shasi and company at Rouge bout midnight. Listened to John & Krugger and as always, we had buckets and buckets of Tiger Beer which sells at $35. Which other club in singapore sells a bucket of beer at that price? What's more, you get the best damn band in singapore and a fucking good dj. Oh ya, met Rachel and Felicia at Rouge. If you wanna meet them in person, they're permanent fixtures there. Hah! They're always next to my favourite lollipop dispenser. After the joint closed, we went to chinatown for supper and headed home after an hour of talking cock!

Now repeat the paragraph above six times and you'll have my posts from monday to saturday...Now that wouldn't be fun now would it?

I still can't think of what to write about...Good night Singapore! Or should I say good morning??


  1. Oi! What are we? Zoo exhibits?!
    You are a monkey's goat! And the only reason you know that we are there all the time is because YOU are there all the time!
    We are very hurted and we DEMAND lollipops to suck on! At least two. each. Cos we're greedy! And we're hurted.
    Monkey's goat!

  2. hahaha.....gosh u uys do have lotsa free time! seems u are the one callin gthem there...haha...
    wish to have that time for just a moment with no work to report to!
    enjoy guys your whole week routine!

  3. haha....hello rajagopal and govindasamy!
    nah...ya'll ain't zoo exhibits! i ain't that mean...heard of House of Wax??
    I'll give ya'll lollipops to suck on...Just you wait and see...

    and hi othersidefame! of course we have free do too..since you did have the time to post a comment. don't work too hard and say hi to marco.


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