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Men of the W.C

Specially for "othersidefame"....You wanted men of the world cup. I'm giving you just that plus a hippo as a bonus. Have a good laugh!

what's wrong with this picture?

straight from the WWE!

it runs in the family...

he just had an orgasm!

rooney being a monkey...a.k.a being himself

check out erm tattoos...

it doesn't matter if you're black or white...


i've got two words for you...SUCK IT!!!

live tv?

i LOVE kicking footballs!

look hands!

meet Rooney's youngest brother

the green man!

he's so fat that his mask can't fit...

tat's one big fucking head!

what a couple! it takes two to tango

hmm....tight fit i tell you...

it doesn't get bigger than this...


  1. It's men like you whom disgust me! Your profile on Hi5 is all one lie. The way to degrade women disgusts me. maybe you think you is some hunk? I think u should be ashamed of ur actions

  2. woahhh..hold it wendy....
    wats all this??

    er...i should ignore this comment..

    btw...mate..i asking fer the player u gave me this??..alamak!!!!!

    by the way the guys with tattoos...ermm the blonde he beckham?...looks like it..hope not!!
    turns my gilrie around..
    dum dum di di dum...

  3. btw u not being fair okay!!!!!!!!
    not fair...!!!!!
    give a better one can...
    i like shrek..he is sexy with the greeny belly...ewwww!!!!!

  4. Com'on wendy! LOOSEN UP and have a WHALE of a time alright! why are you UPTIGHT n TENSED? NEVER got LAID by a hunk before? or did he just bounce off ya into oblivion?

    or did the cows go MOO and shat dung when you waddled past?

    do you make enemies just cos you got no friends?
    - or are you too ugly that those whom you try to make enemies with just fled in disgust?

    how can you judge if someone is a hunk when that phrase itself is a judgement of looks?

    so... think about it...

  5. To wendytunes: My my…what can I say? Its obvious hat someone doesn’t have a sense of humour! It’s either you’re the fat ass in the picture or you look so much like her that you’re in denial!!

    I disgust you huh? It’s people like you whom disgust me. It’s people like you that make me think twice bout saying stuff I wanna say when I’m on stage. I have never degraded a woman. I was brought up better than that. Ask any of my female friends. Unless you count a cum shot to the face degrading. I know some women whom love that.

    I have never once mentioned that I’m a hunk. In fact, I found out yesterday that I have a severely high risk of getting heart diseases and diabetes. But unlike you, I’m gonna do something about my weight. If the word exercise is in your dictionary, you’ll know what I mean. And yeah, I will become a tattooed hunk …

    To othersidefame: Thanks for the support. You’re a gal and you stood for me. That’s something I admire and thank you for. To reward you, I’m gonna post a nice pictorial of the hottest male footballers soon. And yeah, the blond dude is Beckham.

    To poppy crumbs: You’re my favourite bro and best friend. Thanks for the comment and I’m sure a war is gonna break out soon. It’s a war that we’ll win for sure. I’m still laughing at your comments. Hahahahaha…Now can you dig that bitch?!

  6. all of you are a bunch of losers! enjoy living your sorry lives. you all can say anything you want. i have a bf and i am happy. all i want to say is that girls should not be made use off. the pictures you posted clearly showed that they were made used off. guys especially should not make use of these women. it's simple logic!

  7. to wendytunes --- hey....look having a bf does it makes u happy or is it ur bf aint shooting enuff to satisfy u??
    we are having our own fun here ey..if u are not interested or in the least of living in the shell y dun just stop reading my HUNK blog n fuck off!!!??? we are not disturbing u and my HUNK here is having our very own sense of humour...
    btw this gerls are baring it y not share...
    bollocks...dun tell me if i put a damn bloody handsome bastard with freaking six or thosandth packs...dun tell me u r not drooling??
    who's the loser then??? u or us??
    come on lah....just get the hell out of here..we dun need another guests...its full house!!

    to my HUNK -- u must it be beckham...n u damn bloody give me my players rite this time...

  8. Why is it people who are attached think they are better than the singles?? Are you TRULY happy? Or have you just settled and convinced urself that you are?

    wendytunes, dun be such a prude!

    besides, isn't this feminism, girl power bollocks like 20 seasons ago?? u want equality? go fuckin do NS fer fucksake!

    keep the pix coming neighbour, and i will keep posting pix of the hot men of the World Cup!
    If they've got it and they flaunt it, i'm sure as hell gonna ogle at it. Aint nature grand?

    who's the one with a sorry life now, eh wendy?

  9. Hey wendy....who the hell died and made u the vice president of feminism!??! i'm with missbitchalot when she said, didnt that die like 20 seasons ago... darling, seriously,.... what does it fucking matter to u if men degrade women..... that is of course if you were brought up being degraded by a family member and your 'happy, loving' relationship isnt really all that happy. And i think i speak for a number of us when i say u need to come down off ure 2ft pedestal and take a good whiff of the world you're living in...
    women who get treated like shit and used by men, should have it done to them... they obviously havent got two brain cells to rub together and lack the self confidence to leave assholes like that... hmm.... wonder if this is the case for u...

    have a great life wendy and do take care of that boyfriend of yours.... i hear hes pretty hot.. =)

  10. i do not know any of you!! how dare you all say such things? i am happy with my life and with my bf. it is none of your busieness if i am happy or not. as for this tattoo blogger, every thing you say here is crap and doesn't make sense. I can see you are living in this sad world of yours. how sad can this be? there are so many other better bloggers out in this world whom write better things. maybe this is why you say you are single. doesn't take a genius to figure this out. just so you know, i have come to know your ex very well.

  11. hmmm..she claims theres loads of better bloggers who write better and that we're just sad and we talk crap and we don't make sense....YET she comes back each time, gagging for more.

    Yeah, I can see how that makes sense.

  12. hey wendytunes... fyi.. whether we're attached or not... isnt an issue with us... we dont have to justify to the world that we have partners and are happy. The lack of confidence speaks volumes of your age... best go find mummy and daddy and let them know you've been slammed for being a righteous, lil miss 'ive got a boyfriend!'

  13. For the past hour, I've been thinking real hard as to how i should reply. You wanna get personal with me? Are you really sure you wanna do that? Just who the fuck do you think you are?

    I could care less if you’re happy with your bf. He’s probably retarded and ugly. And a fool as well. Please relate the message to him. I’m at the tattoo pub (far east plaza) 3 times a week. That’s if he has balls!

    You claim to know my ex? That low down bitch? If you’re friends with her, then good for you. I can see why the both of you get along. Do me a favour and pass this message… I want my fucking money back! I gave her everything I had. In the end, I almost lost my family and I lost my company. Something that took me 5 fuckin years to build. She took away a piece of me that will never be replaced. And you know what? A prostitute would have treated me better. That’s the same fucking reason why her friends, sister, my brothers and close friends were so damn happy when I finally woke up and told her to get the fuck out of my life!

    It’s people like you that makes me sick of living! I swear to god…If I ever try killing myself again, you’ll dread sleeping. And that my dear, is a promise I’m gonna keep.


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