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A Big Fat Nooooooooooooo!

The upcoming elections have gathered much media attention as of late. I’m not too bothered by it since Ang Mo Kio constituency is always a walk over. Meaning, we don’t have to vote. Even if it wasn’t, I’ll vote for the PAP. It doesn’t’ get any simpler. I often look at the opposition parties and wonder why they’re around. Have they done anything to win my confidence? The answer is a big FAT NO!

The Secretary-General of The Workers Party lives in my neighbourhood. I’ve never had the chance to speak to him. I wonder what I’ll say if we did meet. All I know is that he lives in the comfort of an upgraded estate (by the PAP). Deep down inside, he must be wondering if his party could have done the same thing for the estate we call home. Once again, I think the answer will be a big FAT NO!

Alright….enough talk about politics. A friend commented recently that certain views on my Blog are rather disturbing. My honest reply to this “friend” was that he can stop reading whenever he likes. I mean…come on dude! My blog is a reflection of my thoughts. There’s a lot more stuff I wanna say or write about. Knowing how Singapore is, I’ll end up in jail. So yeah, if you don’t like what I write about, simply click the little X in the red box and all will be fine. One easy step to escape the thoughts of Lucifer’s long lost brother.

Had a talk with Eddie and Don last night @ The Tattoo Pub. These two brothers of mine got me thinking of D.Storm and what can be done to save things. I needed this talk for some time. And for that, I thank them. All these years, I’ve never thought of my accomplishments. After last night, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I guess I can say that my confidence is slowly coming back.

Eddie has always been a good advisor. The fellow has excellent ideas too. If I ever do a DJ competition, I want him to be part of it in some way or another. I’m looking forward to the Bali trip and I’ll be in great company. One a coke whore and the other an alcohol abusing animal. I’m gonna stick to beer when I’m there and I FUCKIN MEAN IT!

As the scent of yummy durians fill my house, I’m gonna end this update and continue my search on Friendster! Tell you more next time.

Ciao Amigos!!

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