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Beach Babes and Nudity

It's been 10 days since the first blog. I'm not used to this but I’m sure I'll be soon. It's been a hectic 10 days. From the Mediacorp event I did at Sunset Bay Sentosa on Sunday to a yummy foam party at Fullmoon Beach bar. I’ve seen too much bare skin for my own good! There’s one thing I like about beach babes. Their tan! Nothing beats a woman with an awesome tan. If they come with a tattoo, all the better.

There was this one girl that caught my eye. She had the most gorgeous tan. The tribal tattoo on her shoulder drove me nuts! Damn!!! The best part, she wore a red bikini (the perfect sexy colour on a lady).

I’ve gotta add my two cents on a certain issue that every Singaporean seems to be bitchin about. What the hell did SPG do that was so wrong? When Pamela Anderson posed nude for Playboy, nobody said a damn thing. Why? Because it’s Hollywood! Most people I know were busy downloading images of Pam from the internet. But when a girl from Singapore does so in an artistic way, everyone is on her back. Give her a fucking break won’t ya! If she wants to go on about her sex life, let her be. I’ve read her blog and I like it! I’ve always been into erotica and her blog suits me just fine. If you don’t like what she has to say, don’t read or visit her blog. It’s as simple as that.

Our Asian Values have been brought up too. This I will never understand. What exactly are we talking about? We’re supposed to be a modern westernized country. Men and women flock to certain cinemas to watch RA movies. We’ve got Crazy Horse Paris coming to town soon. Neptune Theater has seen thousands of Singaporeans watch it’s topless shows. That’s the highlight of any dinner and dance held at the Neptune. The number of calls I get from clients asking if I provide strippers are beyond imagination. Let’s just say that I get the odd request every week. If all the above are ok, then screw the Asian Values bullshit and move on.

Don’t we have better things to worry about? Innocent lives ended by wars, children dying of starvation, aftermath of the tsunami, keeping a lookout for bastards that may want to target Singapore. Etc… The list of worries go on and on for each of us.

All I’m saying is that nudity is fine. Its art at it’s finest. If you wanna show off your body, go right ahead. After all, it was God’s gift to us.

Have a nice day and Peace Out!

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