Aug 17, 2009

The Coming Week

Let me start off by stating that Tottenham Hotspur was the better team yesterday. They deserved the victory with the way they played. It sucks to lose on the first match of the season! At least we didn't get trashed 1-6 at home. That must suck huh?! Just when I thought only a Singapore selection team could get trashed by the Big Four of the EPL, The Toffees proved me wrong...

I've got a busy week lined up. I have an event at Helipad @ The Central tomorrow, SOL represents Mambo (Zouk) on Wednesday, a voice over session on Thursday and a bunch of meetings on Friday. And on Saturday, I will make it a point to have a healthy amount of Heineken at Bishan with the boys. Man, I can't wait!

Talking about beer, here are some beer hotties!

Jugs anyone?

In Singapore, we have the Tiger beer auntie!

We need some of these girls in Singapore!!!!!


  1. actually it's not nearly as perky as it should be.

    but the rest of her is pretty tight.

  2. True...but it's still nice. I so wanna wipe the sand off her ass! Think she'd mind?


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