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Oct 6, 2018

Nature's Om

I had an appointment with an Indian palm leaf reader last year. He came highly recommended by this lady whom taught me Kundalini yoga. I recall being apprehensive but I didn't have anything to lose. After all, what is the worst that could happen right?

So I had my palm leaf reading done by a visiting astrologer from India. In this reading, he mentioned that I would have an online store in the future. I had no idea then what I would sell or if I would even start a store. I knew next to nothing about online businesses but I made it a point to start reading. I read every article I could find, learnt about shipping regulations and did a bunch of case studies.

And then a month ago I woke up with a vision of crystals and stones. I've always been attracted to raw minerals that benefit people. Just like that, Nature's Om was born.
Rachel Yang who is a sister from my past life, designed this beautiful logo for me. Thank you so much Rachel!

Some of the lovely bracelets, necklaces, 108 meditation beads, anklets and crystals from my store...

 108 Meditation Beads

 Pure 925 Sterling Silver Rings

 Since the launch of the store, I've sold 3 of these Opalite cystal.

 With anklets making a comeback, I have a few of them in my 'Under $10' section.

 Necklaces such as this one that's made from Black Obsidian

I have lots of bracelets too. This particular one features Bodhi &Rudraksha seeds.

Be sure to use 'SOCIAL15' before checking out to receive a 15% discount on total order. Visit to start shopping. 

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