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Mar 28, 2014

China you need to Ssssh!

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While I know this post will receive backlash from some quarters, I do have an opinion and this is my blog. Faithful readers know that I have always been honest with my opinions. This post is none the different. I love Malaysia and it's people but rest assured that this post isn't biased.

I can understand why the families of passengers from China are upset. They have lost their loved ones and they need answers. The rest of the world is waiting for answers as well but I understand they need these answers more than us. Not just them but the other families from around the world too.

What I don't understand is the protest that was allowed in overly strict China. Did the Chinese government allow this protest because they can bully a smaller country? I do not understand why throwing chairs and objetcs at a civilized press conference was allowed. I do not understand why Chinese celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi and Chen Kun have slammed the Malaysian government when they as celebrities should be appealing for calm.

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Looking for MH370 isn't as easy as looking for an object outside your window. Hundreds if not thousands of satellite images are analyzed every day. This is a time consuming effort. The countries that own these satellites have to safeguard their national interest mind you. Once these images are analyzed and approved, it is sent to Malaysia where it is once again analyzed by their team of investigators. After which it is sent to Australia where the process is repeated yet again.

I know the Malaysian authorities are doing their utmost best. This has been a mammoth of a task which they have passed with flying colors thus far. Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has done a tremendous job! He is intelligent, speaks well, has amazing composure and he delivers at each press conference. Future Prime Minister of Malaysia in my humble opinion.

Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Image from AP Images
Anyone who thinks Malaysia should immediately pass on whatever information they have on hand is foolish. Information needs to be scrutinized and dissected before it can be deemed valid. If they do not follow this protocol, a lot of inaccurate information will be released. Malaysia is clearly taking the safe approach here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If anything, this shows you that the present government is an intelligent government.

And hey, this is an ongoing investigation. Of course there will be classified information or rather, 'sealed evidence'. There will always be information which can't be revealed to the public till the investigation is concluded. Common sense would have told you this. We read about crimes and accidents everyday and most of the time we get the same mundane answers from investigators.

Lastly, we have not seen the American, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, French, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Kiwi, Malaysian, Russian, Taiwanese and Ukrainian families behave like hooligans in their time of grief. They too need answers for a little closure.

China I know you're hurting and you want answers. You will get them in due time. For the time being, stop acting like a child, do not be a bully and Sssssssssh!

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  1. how much did najib pay you to write this thing??

    1. Nobody paid me. I wished someone did. Who doesn't like money?! The opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

  2. Satu Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. noel it is not a good thing he said. it translate to "fuck your mother vagina" :0

    2. Wow! Thanks for the translation Benny.

  4. I wish they could be more level headed and not let opportunists stir their emotions.

  5. I don't believe the Chinese government cares AT ALL about 100+ lives. Their response is 2 fold; Political, and Military. Political because they have to show some face of caring or their will be riots (more riots) in China. Meanwhile in another part of China thousands are dying...calm the people, pretend you care. They care nothing for their people. Military because China now has a golden opportunity to scan the regions of disputed territories. Something they never could have got a way with without this tragedy. It was no surprise that India told China to say away from their coast. As for the lack of class in emotional outburst for the families. Sad to say but this is a culture norm, have you never seen the chairs flying at delayed flights? Some people are just more demonstrative, but it doesn't mean it they feel any deeper than we do.

  6. I agree. China does not have a history of treating its citizens well and I find it hard to believe that they really care for the 100+ Chinese citizens that were on board the plane. However, they are instigating their citizens to verbally attack Malaysia, perhaps to draw blame from themselves. But could there be a more sinister reason? Could the background checks on their citizens not panned out?

    I also wonder why China is putting so many resources into finding the debris (i.e planes and ships) and I have come out with three possibilities:
    1) Simply a show of power - show the rest of the world that they are THE regional power and a superpower to be contented with.

    2) A little more sinister. This is an opportunity for them to spy on their neighbours. They have already used this as an excuse to bully Philippines. They asked India permission to enter their territory in the Andaman Sea when the search was already moving further south in the Indian Ocean. Most likely an excuse to spy. They were persistent that Malaysia handover all radar information. As an intelligence gathering exercise? We know that if the plane had been Chinese, there will be very little information coming out of China and no openness at all.

    3) Even more sinister. Perhaps there is something on the plane the Chinese want. Malaysia has not published the cargo manifest. Presumably they have shared this information with intelligence agencies but potentially there is something on board of interest to the Chinese and they want to be the first to locate it.


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